Rest is a luxury for me these days. However, I woke up at a blissful 10.30 AM today to do inane things like newspaper reading and breakfast eating. Ahhh. No rush, no deadlines, no one expecting me to be punctual. I praise the weekend.



p1030456.JPG Deborah and I!

Deborah’s from shanghai and we’re on similar (if not, same) frequencies. 有缘千里来相会! hahaha… but i fear i wont be able to go Bangkok with her later this year cos of KMS internship. and Yucks, we were told our holiday is only gonna be 3-4 weeks long!!!! Horror! How then am I supposed to go KMS? Pls make it longer….

 wah i think xanga is 100 times better in terms of upload speed and image management! much easier to use. much more space too!

oh man.. just when im beginning to like the skin and add blogs to my blog roll…..No~~

Very restful day at home today.  Went for tuition, ate lunch, sleep like pig, sweep floor and sweat like pig. Yes thats my idea of restful.

 Tmr’s gonna be even better! woohoo.


 That’s Li Shan and i! Deborah, Li shan and I are all water sign: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces respectively. hoho. i do think there’s a certain degree of truth in horoscopes, esp in character analysis.

Stayed up till 3 am (despite my very xiong schedule) to make Emily’s bday present! and how can i forget to photograph it!! Was zichun’s idea to make her a guestbook of sorts, so guests at her bday party can sign it. Very amateurish but still hope she likes it!

bday presents are starting to lose their meaning with every year I age. Regretfully, I do not enjoy receiving most presents .. either I dont like, or no use. So just gimme a card this year, people!

And it’s 母难日 (the day which your mother suffered most) so not very nice to commemorate this day by indulging in wine and dine and basking in the limelight la hor. That’s of course a guideline for myself, not to be imposed on or expected of others!


 Yay emily likes her present!


all the dyb people present. my gawd my forehead is so shiny! and it’s permanently shiny i duno what to do! Shiny even after i wash face. Help! And i have browned considerably, after leading a much more active life wahaha.. not the same old couch potato!!

Speaking of which, my mum has just subscribed to STARHUB CABLE!!!! But I doubt that’s gonna benefit me much, since i wont have the time to watch all the superb shows..sob.

I think im gonna fall sick soon, had lots and lots of unhealthy food! Emily’s party food is the best of its kind! So sinful..  i had beehoon, curry chicken, corn, otak, potato salad, coleslaw, prawns, pork chop…. all yum!

but i do feel quite guilty cos i indulged in non-vegetarian food.. it’s great working at KMS cos everything’s vegetarian. and it’s NICE veg food! Not like those sold outside, oily and unhealthy and mock-meatish.

I’m increasingly aware that the body is indeed a burden. have been taught, but couldnt really understand. 没有身体,何来病痛?何来人与人之间的区分和分歧?(肤色,高矮肥瘦, 容貌之分)可是没有身体又不行。So we cant be too attached to our body. since i’ve observed the very real possibility of me falling sick, i should refrain from subjecting myself to conditions that may make it a reality. which means i musnt stay up late! oh dear..haven do lotsa stuff leh.

am still wondering if i shd just stick to xanga, cos im not v impressed with wordpress’ image management. 


been contemplating abt this for some time, but i was thinking blogspot. chose wordpress at the spur of the moment.

need a better blog provider cos i want to add a blog roll..

then again, it may just be a one night stand.

see how it goes. i’m really comfortable with xanga, just that i cant add a blog roll nor change my blog skin.

am feeling mighty purposeful cos ive got so much to do!

gone are the days of wasting my youth away. finally.

got meeting with radio at 9 am and sph at 2.30.  9 am ? such an unholy hour.

am also meeting zichun to buy Em’s bday present!! i really dislike picking presents cos its too hard on my weak heart to anticipate the recipients’ reactions. 

and gonna watch BABEL with cf tmr too! yay yay yay finally! been hearing and reading so much about it. the real slim shady. hope it doesnt disappoint.

the whole wordpress experience is so different from xanga. seems more tech geek-inclined here…. not me. heh

see how it goes. duno if this is gonna work out. if it does, i will so miss my xanga site.