it really pains me to see my sister suffering silently in her JC. Her suffering is mostly perpetrated by one ethics-less chemistry teacher. 他可以算是教师中的败类

  1. After kindly offering to give extra lessons to students, he spent a vast majority of that precious time waxing lyrical about his majestic sports car.
  2. Personal attacks were made to many students in front of the whole class. To one who has great talent and interest in music/singing, he said: “You think you can make it big here? You think you’re really good at singing?” (sorry i was too agitated when i heard all this, didnt remember verbatim. there’s more he said. my sis not at home now, wait till shes home then i record down. this traumatised her so much she could remember everything that 败类said.) my sister was obviously not spared either. “You have tuition ah?! How come got tuition results still so rotten?” Yeah, words from the mouth of a Teacher- moulder of our young.
  3. his rotten character aside, it is most alarming to note that his academic knowledge is grossly inadequate as well. my sis said he spent a grand amount of time hemming and hawing over a pathetic 1 mark question. he often had to ask the students “does your answer key give the same answer??” come on, why would the students need a TEACHER who has to rely on the answer key for answers? the answer key would suffice as a teacher, then. He is obviously an obstacle in their learning path! (it is too idealistic to expect scum like him to help them, so all i ask is that he does not hinder and obstruct their learning process.)
  4. He gives blatant hints and directions to students sitting for ‘A’ level SPA. That is very unfair to other students who do not “benefit” from his hints. what hints? Upon seeing a wrong answer, he would shake his head and walk away. he then returns to check the page  and shakes his head again if it’s wrong. if it’s right, he does nothing and walks away. i am no expert of teaching ethics, but common sense tells me that this is wrong. it does not help the student either.

 it makes me sick to read this: Not only must you have the passion for education, you need to know how to engage the students in their learning, be a good role model and an inspiration to them and prepare them for the challenges of life. A teacher is the heart and soul of a class, the pulse that keeps a lesson lively and engaging.

– extracted from MOE TEACH website

Why, then, does the reverable MOE allow this perversely mutated species of a Teacher to continue with his misdeeds in school while handing out a handsome paycheck to him every month? Oh i forgot to mention that he tells blatant lies too: he claims to earn $2000 per month teaching at their JC.

i have tagged this entry with as many tags as i can, hopefully more people can find this entry. Hope this helps parents and students make a more informed choice when choosing a country/school they want to study in. Also hope that MOE will not turn a blind eye to such atrocities happening behind its back. my sister doesnt dare report this to her principal as her identity would be exposed. She may suffer unthinkable consequences should that scumbag of a teacher know she exposed all his misdeeds. There are, after all, many avenues he could get back at her, and given his corrupted character, he sure would seize any chance to do that. My sister cant jeopardise her results and she also fears being ostracised by her class, who are, most regrettably, a bunch of kids who has no desire of learning seriously and rejoices in the frivolous gibberish of said teacher. I feel really pained and helpless when she tells me all this. What can we do? WILL the MOE take action? Will her results be jeopardised?

Under the rosy facade lies a corrupted and decaying reality. Such is the sad truth of our education system.

Please do not hesitate to email me at poh.yonghui@gmail.com should you require more info. i would be most willing to help. i also invite students to share and expose the ugly doings of educators, if any. we should not underestimate the power of the Internet. many weak, helpless voices would amount to a bigger force if they unite.


weird, a majority of people found my blog by searching “cute puppy”. they most prolly landed in Schizophrenic Humans.

good too, animal lovers out there can see the irony in their “love for animals”.

NLB is bad lor, never replied to both my emails! I love emailing to feedback/complain/enquire/compliment.

i can somehow foresee myself being one of those email shooters when i work. (think Just Follow Law)

but my whole point is, i really need help with Laptops 101:

  • is is true that it’s better to take out the battery when we use AC-output? the salespeople told me that it’s sposed to make the battery live longer. but i’ve never seen anyone done it before.
  • do u get electrocuted (not to death, though) when u accidentally touch certain parts of ur laptop when u use AC-output? I DO!! is it ME or is it the machine? i had electric shocks when i touched the USB port and fingerprint censor. hazardous leh. 

 Am i being neurotic?

btw, i think MS office OneNotes is very cool.  





from 吴韦材’s blog. Most illuminating. It is hardest to translate the simplest, most obvious meaning of life into words, and i feel he has done it beautifully.

Seeing things as they are, without agenda, without preconceptions.


Got so jialat meh!

You are feeling exhausted, worn out, drained. You feel that far too much is being asked of you but you still want to overcome these difficulties and establish yourself despite the effect such an effort seems to have on you. You are a proud person, assertive most of the time, but at this particular moment you are acting as if you have become resigned to the situation. What you need is some tender loving care – a gentle pat on the head (or maybe a ‘kick-up-the backside’) and then you’ll be raring to go.



excuse me while i writhe in agony over my untouched assignment.

by a curious stroke of luck, i am now going to be not-too-financially-disgraced cos of reemployment by a former client! (ie. parent) This time to include chinese!! the kid’s gonna be amused at how this tutor can teach in both English and chinese, just as how all other kids were. heh.

i’ve finally bought the laptop skin, after much agonisation over its high price and vain factors like how it blends into my laptop. yeah i want it to blend into my sad black matt laptop, cos i prefer understated style.

please deliver it to me soon, and hopefully i will love it and face no problem installing it.

just as i’m supposed to do my pathetic, ARGH assignment, temptation inundates my life. How i glowed when i saw a crate (yes, literally) of pirated dvds at S’s house yesterday. immediately picked out (without invitation) 8 titles. cant resist!

and i just bought A*Mei’s compilation album. the fact that i was plagued by poverty did nag, but it just kinda..fleeted away. heh.

outing with DYB ppl was high, and the MSG-and-caffeine high i experienced made me higher. tsktsk, intoxicants! pity the century square Sakae did not have a vegetarian menu. i had a veggie ramen and potato salad sushi thingy. i cant fathom why jap names are used in their menus when their patrons are largely Singlish-speaking Singaporeans. luckily had jap-trained mollie and eric to translate. it gave me another high to see how cf and eric looked so matching in their yuppie-couple-go-supermarket-on-weekends outfits!

meh heh heh…. couldnt resist taking P.I.-esque snapshots of them using my phone.

oh dear me. i need to register my fujitsu warranty but i dont have wireless internet at home!! 7 days to do it. Help!

on teh-tarik high now. (tea is better than coffee in keeping rustybrains like me awake.)

help help, i have a feeling my report on 3rd world media is gonna suck. oh, i need a few more curious strokes of luck!!

belated wish list

because i am so so poor after buying a laptop and committing to some investment plan…..

because some people have complained that it’s difficult to buy presents for (difficult) people like me…..

because i happen to need certain things……. here goes:

  1. laptop skin. my black laptop picks up fingerprints too easily! oh my it’s quite odd to say “my laptop” now since ive been saying “your laptop” the whole of my life. pls click to buy! can send to my house! :):):) Another design i like!! wahahahha
  2. laptop sleeve. been lookin online and they’re all in boring black. yawn. i can do with one that doesnt look so boring! dont buy hot pink can already!
  3. a router. according to hardware pro Khine wa, it’s sth that sends wireless signals around so any device could capture them and get online. i need it. 😦 available at simlim. i subscribe to singnet broadband 512kbps. heh.
  4. money? yeah i accept all currencies except indonesian rupiah.
  5. the other things i need or want are too other-worldly so lets end this list here.
  6. hey actually i could do with a lifetime’s subscription to yummy vegetarian food. 🙂 dont want mock meat.
  7. books: Dhammapada, adrian mole, media textbooks… book vouchers!
  8. cds: cheer chen, power station compilation. faye wong 唱游。

it’s very, very dangerous to buy clothes for me. 😛

also quite dangerous to buy accessories. dont buy bags too.

they happen to be the most oft-received presents. heh.

两手空空 坐飞机~

卸不下的行李 郑中基

别笑我像 richard gere 般潇洒 恐怕相思从此抖落在天涯
候机室里面许多深情表达 却没有半个吻是留给我吧
飞机倒像一只孤单的鸟 被吞进天空蓝蓝的嘴巴
两手空空坐飞机 难得舒服多神奇 人生其实不要任何玩艺
却只怕有点东西 放不下提不起
两手空空坐飞机 难得轻松多神奇 不用害怕忘掉任何玩艺
想得太多 放不下提不起 (搁在心头只有一件行李陪我游游荡荡来来去去)
白天黑夜惦著你念著你 la la la la la, la la la la!!)





ennui has to be effectively banished since i have effectively 7 glorious days to show my lecturer “substantial quality” of my grad project. (for advanced diploma)

the only carrot i can see dangling is the starbucks drink that he’ll be treating us to on our next meeting. at some dubious branch at orchard, near heeren. being the very, very guai1 girl i am, i do not frequent orchard and hence am very unfamiliar with the place. 😦