it just gets better and better

the night is still young.  am kaypoh-ing the blogosphere. it’s not as boring as i had perceived, really. came to realise there’s many interesting blogs out there. really. i spent the past few hours reading blogs WHOLE (yeah, archives and all) when i shd be doing the bleeding assignment.

i may just be the first person in Singapore to die of myopia.

i cant glue myself to the computer screen for so long, no i cant!

but i cant stop myself from being a sicko voyeur. i am so bored to tears, i need to immerse myself in seemingly mind-engaging activities.

sob, i think i am getting pre-assignment plus exam blues. and they’re hitting me hard.

oh!!! 夜已深, 还有什么人。。。。陪我这样醒着数伤痕?

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