Shady business

On her 20th birthday, a phone call woke Miss Poh YH abruptly from her sleep.  A Eurasian man who called himself David had called from the President Marine Hotel at River Valley Road. He claimed to be its General Manager.

David reportedly asked for her name and age, as well as suggestive questions like “Are you open enough? Perhaps I should discuss this with your father?”. Miss Poh’s father was conveniently not at home. Her curiosity piqued, she decided to play along.

When Miss Poh told David she was 20 years of age, he decided she was “old enough” and said: “This call girl Veronica left a note with your number in one of our rooms after she fucked with a foreigner.”

Before this, he had tried to engage her in a perplexing guessing game by asking painfully leading questions such as “You know, she’s in that trade, can you guess what it is? Just tell me your guess, I am Eurasian, very open…”

He then proceeded to read out the explicit contents of the note to the half-awake teenager. “It contained quite a number of F words, which this David didn’t try too hard to censor.” Apparently, Miss Poh was taken aback but still she didn’t wish to terminate this mysterious phone call there and then.

“Although his choice of words didn’t sound all that fitting of a GM, that’s quite understandable since this hotel is most likely a seedy fixture somewhere amidst the night clubs along River Valley Road.”

Although the motive of David’s phone call was perceived to be “highly ambiguous” by Miss Poh, they reached a reasonable conclusion to this shady mystery: “This Veronica most probably just wrote a random number that happened to be mine. Or she could have been tipsy and miswrote her own number.”


11. 22 AM: New development

David has called the Poh residence once more, this time beseeching her to put a face to that name. Apparently, the foreigner had lost something in his room after going to bed with “Veronica”. David does not want to “call the police and make a big fuss” so he tried to lead Miss Poh into giving him a name so he could “track her down”.

Miss Poh, who felt slighly harassed, said “I can’t think of anyone I may know. None of my family’s contacts are in that trade.”

To which he replied: “You never know, girls these days…you know those China women, they can’t speak a word of English and they just open their legs to have sex?”

Miss Poh was suitably outraged. “I told him to mind his language. I believe being open minded does not necessitate the use of crude language and blatant disrespect for women.”

Unable to be of real help to David despite his persistent prodding and hardly able to bear his crassness, Miss Poh said: “Sorry, I really cant help you.”

She now deeply regrets not giving the sexist bastard a piece of her mind.


My dear readers, the above soft news article is not fictitious. However bizarre and ridiculous it may sound, it is real.

I thought it was a birthday prank. Quite an unusual start to a birthday eh? But it was definitely not funny.

I wish I could beat this scumbag into pulp, for insulting us women like that! Does what he said constitute a criminal offence? Sexual harassment to a lady! I can well sue him, that horny old bastard.

Prostitute or not, they are still women, still human. And most, if not all of them are victims of circumstances. Would the prostitute trade thrive if not for horny, immoral, lascivious old wolves like him? I shall not be too angry, for they will sow what they reap sooner or later.

I think I am becoming increasingly feminist. A far cry from the servile moron I was!! and three cheers to that!

3 comments on “Shady business

  1. kw说道:

    hoho.. why got this kinda funnie thing happen on ur bdae one! tsk tsk.. unique big twenty ba. HAPPY BIRTHDDAY ONCE AGAIN!

  2. ee说道:

    what a bday “surprise”! u shud haf shown dis shithead ur power of scolding man!!! btw. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! n i assume u din go to see ur steven ma on sat!

  3. Cheryl说道:

    i created a wordpress acct.
    ANYWASE, this is sooo scary. i wud soo call the cops… he totally looking for action… omg… nextime…. tape his voice or something man….


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