schizophrenic humans

watched Taboo: Blood sports on NatGeo yesterday. Besides the wincing and feeling pity and anger for the animals made to fight for entertaining humans, this bullfighter’s thought left an impression: “We are giving a chance for the bull to fight for its life. It dies with dignity. It is sad to see a beautiful animal like it die, but at least it had a chance to fight back.”

What he said is true, isnt it? well of course he has rather conveniently used this truth to his advantage, to cover up for the sport’s gore and brutality…

But it’s a good snipe at hypocrites out there. Hypocrites who go all warm and fuzzy when they see:

“ooh such a cute puppy! i love animals……such adorable balls of fur!”

and not bat an eyelid when the indulge in:

Does the value of a chicken and a puppy hold different weight in their eyes? S sums it all in one sentence: “But they are born to be eaten what!”

I am not sure when this started, but I just got increasingly sickened at the hypocrisy humans display towards animals. Are you schizophrenic or what? You love animals one moment and then you cant wait to devour them the next?? So do you love or hate them?

To be fair, humans cant be fully blamed. After all, we are fed meat since young, it’s part of social conditioning, it’s the most normal thing to do.

But perhaps we should rethink our way of life. I am making the second attempt to be vegetarian. I need the support of people I go out with- it’s not gonna be very convenient but I now prefer restaurants that serve vegetarian food. 请多多包含,多多支持!

In case you dont already know, here are some very good reasons why you should consider being a vegetarian:

  • Your own health. Animals go through lots of agony and suffering when they were bred and killed for food, and this produces toxins that are consumed by us.
  • Animals’ right to live. They experience pain and happiness like you and me. TRUE Animal lovers should know. For phoney animal lovers, NOW is the time to demonstrate your true love for animals!
  • Help alleviate Third World starvation. 540 million tonnes of grain is used to rear animals for their meat while only 40 million tonnes is needed to feed the Third World’s starving population. (I cant get this cruel stats out of my head, it just stays with me even without needing to memorise it)
  • Save the earth you live in. Copious amounts of methane and nitrogen gases are emitted by cattle, which compounds global warming. Overgrazing leads to desertification. The freaky weather we often grumble about is a result of our own doing. So instead of grumbling do something to improve the situation! Your actions are not earth-shaking but they do help, like grains of sand that pile up. Spread the message.
  • Filial piety. The reasons above are science and logic but this one veers more towards Buddhism. (which, incidentally, IS science and logic at its very core) Not eating meat/taking lives is a form of filial piety to the parents you had in your past lives, which may now be reincarnated as animals. 🙂 oh yeah and there’s also karmic consequences of taking lives….

Heh, this sounds silly but it’s so true: all the spices we use to give meat FLAVOUR are vegetarian! yea, all the soya sauce, chilli sauce, vinegar, salt, curry powder blablabla

So what do we really want? If you really cant live without meat, you should love meat even at its most primitive form right? It’s quite a curious thought, this never crossed my mind! And I find it really useful to quell any desire for meat. It’s all in the mind, really.

Also interesting is the fact that the taste stays for the briefest period of time before going down our gullet. For that short, temporal, fleeting moment of enjoyment you cause so much more suffering to arise, in yourself (not immediate tangible effect tho), in all other living beings, to the environment….. and it just goes on.

Does it make sense?

“Food” for thought!

P.S.: dear me, i had wanted to blog about many other inane and not-so-inane things in this post but i just went on and on. heh. next time!

2 comments on “schizophrenic humans

  1. zlyrica说道:

    Oh humans are to be blamed, because humans are the one that formed the social conditioning. Nonetheless, humans are also the one that can undo the damages by not supporting the cruel animal industries.

    If you have any difficulties of finding vegetarian food stalls, cafes or resturants, click here to find out:

    It might not be easy to change our diet overnight especially in a meat-eating society, but if we do our part, we can actually save more than a dozen land/sea animals in a day.

    May all beings be well and happy.


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