another way to do it?

i dont know how to handle L anymore.

maybe we shd not be too bounded by our morals sometimes huh?

heard this story that day in Exploring Buddhism class:

there was a lusty woman who wanted to have sex with a monk. not surprisingly, he refused. the woman then gave him 3 choices:

1. have sex with her

2. kill a lamb

3. drink a cup of wine.

he figured that drinking the wine will cause minimal damage so he chose No. 3.

in the end, he got drunk and killed the lamb AND had sex with the woman.

moral of the story: do not consume alcohol. (one of the precepts)

Anyway, my friend YY had her own take to the story:

Just knock the woman unconscious, take the lamb away and discard the liquor.

Very right!!! THAT’s thinking out of the box, baby!

so what do i do when i get bothered by someone who’s potentially using me? wont knock her unconscious.

i think i shd block her.

but it feels really callous and unfeeling……. oh tell me what to do!! i am not full-time aunt agony!

have checked with frens, and all tell me that the habit of sending people word documents (ie MSN convos) detailing her bad experiences is definitely not normal.

many a time i was dying to tell her to check her own speech and actions and attitude. but i just COULDNT!@!!! because she’s kinda mentally-fragile and i was afraid she cant take the blow.

My dear readers, pls tell me what to do.

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