Blogorrhea strikes

  1. It’s quite interesting, amusing even, to see visitors at my old blog.
  2. i am quite happy cos i managed to get Cheer Chen’s compilation CD at a wallet-friendly $12.90 at sembawang music. it costs $20+ (i think) to get it from Postage is too ex! if i were to open an online shop i wld absorb the postage so everyone will flock to my shop. (..and it will close down due to heavy losses)
  3. it was most liberating to pore through shelf after shelfof old, new and rare CDs to find THE ONE. i could have asked the staff for help, but for some uncanny reason i didnt. i spent a great deal of time browsing mindlessly, and i almost screamed when i saw the CD i wanted. i hope no one was looking when i did mini air-punches and waving-CD-in-the-air.
  4. if you dont want me to avoid you like you’re the plague, please refrain from doing the following:

  • make me waste my youth waiting for you while you ruminate on your sartorial choices in the fitting room (and make me carry all your shopping too)
  • continue wasting my youth by dilly-dallying when i drop obvious hints that i need to go home.
  • embarrass me (and yourself) on the MRT by airing your dirty linen AND giving horrid names to others for one and all to hear.
  • complaining incessantly about very innocent people who dont deserve to be badmouthed. eg. “that salesman so incompetent leh! ask him for spectacles case he also need to ask his boss! blahblahblah”
  • send me page after page of MSN conversations detailing your dramatic life and characters in your life. AND expect me to read word for word AND then give you advice when you wont listen anyway.

Trust me, i was so tempted to tell her all about karma. if she does not start sowing the seeds of goodwill and kindness to people around her, she should not complain at all when interpersonal relationships in her life crumble one after another.

but the cowardly me didnt do that. i was so afraid that my execution wld be too harsh/inappropriate for her to stomach. helps!

P.S.: i have blocked said person on MSN. i feel cowardly and unkind, but i cant think of a better solution. hope she meets a Bodhisattva real soon. 


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