Being a Bystander

The spate of blogorrhic posts here tells you I have plenty of time on my hands. Half true. I am left with 2 weeks to do my 5000-word report and 20 min PowerPoint presentation but here I am squandering my youth on non-priority activities. (this entry is not inane ok!) Good luck to me.

Have yet to receive my Garskin. Felt an odd tinge of “regret” after i bought it. It occurred to me that if I had been mindful enough to observe it as a passing phenomenon, I wouldn’t have gotten myself involved and carried out the action of buying it. That is, putting myself in the position of a bystander and observing the desire the moment it arose. Just observing it, not reacting to it. That way, it would have passed easily. After all, its aesthetic appeal outweighs its practical uses….. 😛

Such a practice applies to all other desires and emotions. 如果可以置身事外的话,用客观的眼光去看人与事,心情的起落会大大减少。也无风雨也无晴;不为物喜,不为己悲, 心里就得以平静了。这也许是我需要对L 说的话吧。

Btw, if you’re interested in WHAT IN THE WORLD i have been involved in at Kong Meng San, please go here!

The graphics are damn good !!! I am so awed by the wonders of graphic design and sheer creativity. Blew me away.

Have a good day, my dear readers. 🙂



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