no free lunch?

i think heat dissipated by laptops, desktops, routers and modems contribute majorly to global warming.

i am hungry lor.

guohao came just now to help me fix my wireless, but he we failed! in his usual fashion, he had to comprain and comprain. “so busy liao, still must be technician! like falling into a trap!” “free labour leh!” (my counter: “you’ll have good karma! intangible reward……”)

…and give excuses: “i lost touch with technical stuff ever since i joined TJC.”

and make lots of snide remarks… “your computer so Ah Beng one ah!” “your room is messier than mine. tsk tsk, girl leh, still so messy” “your house damn far leh, move house lah! i thought the kovan one was the worst, but this is worse!”  …….

but, (surprisingly) he admitted his fault “i thought very easy mah, so never read up on the settings online” and offered to (gasp!!) come down again on wednesday! (and he has GUARANTEED it will work the next time.)

aww. bottom line is: beneath his compraining and jisiao demeanour, he is actually quite a kind boy. i hate to say that i feel very paisay to make him fix my wireless for me. (for free, i hope- but given it’s guohao i better prepare myself to treat him to a lavish buffet ie. part with $100)

what have we learnt from this? 谈钱伤感情!!

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