Service standards

Good service, must compliment. Bad service, must lambast. forgive. provides me with ultra good service. I am not a customer from heaven as i enjoy emailing them to get the most out of my consumer experience. heh. it’s been more than a week since i placed my order but ive yet to get it. they handled me well, offered to check with singpost. some may say that they’re obliged to do so (yeah they are) but we shouldnt get that too deeply ingrained in us, so much so that we dont appreciate their efforts to please us. oh did i mention that they offered to help me customise my skin size as well? i was pleasantly surprised and thanked them for the kind offer. as customers, we shd be appreciative of salespeople as well, if we expect good service. a “thank you” doesnt cost much, and it makes everyone breathe easier.

on the contrary, our dear old Singnet really needs a smack in the butt. i asked them a question (by my fave means of communication- email, again) and they replied abt 3 weeks later?

but the lady who woke me up from my deep slumber this morning was professional and helpful. (tho i can detect, in my half-awake state, some traces of script regurgitating) “we sincerely apologise for the late reply”

anyways, i didnt lambast her/singnet cos that wont solve problems. i just said “oh it’s ok, my friend is coming down to help me anyway…..” and we shared several light moments that peppered the otherwise robot-like conversation. “the configuration for singnet is……blablabla”

“have a good day!” “you too!”

no sweat at all. i shudder to think, but i guess the “me” from 2-3 years ago would give the poor lady a tongue-lashing and slam the phone.

At the end of it all, there’s nothing different about them (service providers) that makes them less human than we are.

p.s.: and here i am, pontificating when i should be doing my report, due in 4 days. i need a miracle.



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