must i really type a title?!

  1. 3 days left to deadline. status: never-ending limbo.
  2. my client (tuition kid mum) casually mentioned that the Principal (of her son’s sch, also my alma mater) sucks. at that very instant, i felt like we were long-lost friends. and we went on to burst our own blood vessels by telling each other the misdeeds of this P. And i’ve kinda encouraged her to bomb the P and ask other parents to do so. Woohoo, insurgency brewing! i dont do this cos i like trouble. But it’s very painful to watch educators (oh, spare me!) messing around with education. It’s very, very dirty. Poor parents, some have been completely taken in by the superficial 皮笑肉不笑 and super hypocritical P. But i’m glad eagle-eyed parents like my client have finally realised that this P is only good at sitting in the office all day, leaving the (non-existent) discipline in school to the dogs. HA. There’s more to say, but i better not. i damn kia see one.
  3. i had been helping out with lotus folding sessions at KMSPKS over the weekend, with my mum! It’s deeply mortifying to not know how to fold lotuses when i was tasked to invite lotus-folding people to share their reflections after doing something good….. but i learnt within a day! It’s very moving to see people of all age, race (we had malay and indian participants!) and gender (yar, uncles also joined in; thicker fingers are not an excuse!) fold lotuses together. It’s just lotus folding, what’s so great about that? That’s what i first thought. But when i saw for myself the amount of effort people put in to make each and every lotus turn out well, as well as their deep understanding of the meaning behind this, i felt really inspired. Many people also volunteered to take home lotus folding papers by the hundreds and thousands to fold.
  4. I discovered from my own Lotus folding that Buddhist teachings can also be perceived from this simple activity. It takes good effort and mindfulness to make sure each fold is accurate. When we make a fold that seemed pointless, its use actually manifested at the very last step. I feel that’s rather reminiscient of karma: when we do something, the effects of doing it will ripen when the conditions fall together. We also need endurance and patience (like in our spiritual practice), if we want the lotus to turn out beautifully. So in short, folding lotuses can be a form of meditation in itself. And it also made me realise that the Dharma is indeed everywhere, even in a seemingly monotonous repetitive activity like this!
  5. i took photos of the lotuses my family folded. Here: 🙂lotuses
  6. i really cant wait for my project to end so i can go for my internship!!


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