sweet smell of rain

It’s a rainy Monday afternoon. The rain smells sweet.

I miss reading newspapers for hours on end without hearing the nag of “real” work every single bleeding second.

I miss watching TV with my mum for hours on end without feeling tired, drained and guilty.

I miss myself standing on the balcony just to savour the sweetness of the rain.

I miss the times where I could relinquish my outside duties completely once I return to my sanctuary at home.

I miss doing work for KMS, where I almost always derive a great sense of satisfaction and joy.

I am starting to resent my studies, my grades’ reluctance to improve, and the stagnancy of my project.

2 days left, and I hope I will confront the next moment feeling a bit better than the last.

It’s ok if you dont know what Im talking about; cos i dont really know too.



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