On virginia tech shootings, from the Washington Post:

He used his driver’s license as identification and had no problem buying the guns because he was complying with Virginia law, which permits the purchase of one gun a month, investigators said.


one gun a month. That’s the real reason behind this tragedy. who needs one gun a month? and while we’re at this, why does ANYONE need a gun?

it’s no use expressing your deepest condolences and appointing review panels
and ordering probes into the mentally ill

and doing stuff like this wont help:

President Bush wore an orange and maroon tie in a show of support. The White House said he also asked top officials at the Justice, Health and Human Services and Education Departments to travel the country, talk to educators, mental health experts and others, and compile a report on how to prevent similar tragedies.

save me, so agonising to read.

The solution is a simple 2 words: Ban Guns.

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