i might be a superhuman

i will be a superhuman if i survive this:

Monday: 8.30 to 6 internship, 7.30 to 9 tuition

Tuesday:8.30 to 4 internship, 5.30 to 7 tuition

Wednesday: 8.3o to infinity pm internship

Thursday: 8.30 to 3 pm internship, 4.30 to 6 tuition

Friday: 8.30 to 6.30 internship, 7.30 to 9.30 course

Sat: evaporate from earth due to lack of human energies/ go KMS again

Sun: come back to earth, 11 to 1 tuition

pls note that this hellish schedule will recycle itself for one whole month.

i must be on my way to another Guiness world record, after the “Most number of bruises after a cycling lesson” one.

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2 comments on “i might be a superhuman

  1. em说道:

    whoah making big bucks huh…

  2. QUITE the contrary. i dropped one tuition and i earn nuts smaller than peanuts now. internship doesnt pay much!


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