how long have i not written in my paper diary.

some “friends” made me thoroughly disappointed. aww this could just be a torrent of confused emotions breaking through the levee but i still am quite sad. am trying to perceive it as objectively as possible but i still failed to control my sadness.

have had a queer encounter recently that left me with more impact than i could imagine. hopefully my emotions will pass and never arise again. btw this has got nothing to do with the “friends” incident.

sorry for the lack of detailed explanation. everything’s turning too ugly, beyond description, beyond recognition.

is it them, or is it just me? “all suffering begins from the mind” i am so sorry for the weakness of my mind to perceive things as they are. i have too much to learn.

i am highly tempted to retreat into my shell and never open up to anyone again, because it is just so hard to trust.

i know this is all temporary, but i do feel rather grey now.

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