the more i read and hear about others’ lives (clubbing, shopping, eating, ktv, partying) the more i feel disconnected with them. such feelings are still manifesting, but i hope they dont make me sound or act like a prude.

reasons why i feel disconnected…. i’m too busy for all the above. i think clubbing and partying = debauchery. i think there are better ways we can spend this human life.

vesak celebrations at kong meng san coming up! and guess what, we only have 2 days to chiong it. glorious.

i am completely exhausted.

there are just too many things to remember, too many things to observe. too many sights to take in. i am giddy. it must be the heat.

met lots of cool people, got a lot to learn from them. one of the greatest rewards i got from my involvement there must be the people i met and interacted with. without this, i would be trapped in my shelter, ignorant of so many things.

i am grateful.

pics from Vesak 2551 @ Ngee Ann City… only got pre-event pics though.



jialat, my hands were shaking, so many blurry pics. HA i took these photos at 3 am! after completing one side of a pillar…..


these are my reflections after an outing to the museum with 60 elderly and 30 youths.


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  1. che说道:

    yah i totally agree about the wasting life away partying and what not… i too, feel disconnected… as much as i try to be receptive to other ppl’s way and love of life…. ur vesak day thing looks like alot of manual work.. oh man… headache.. never do.. look already headache…


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