been v busy…. nobody visits my blog now. 😦

vesak @ kong meng san was good, just that the crowds were all where we didnt want them to be. mostly at Hall of Great Compassion and 大雄宝殿。。the Youth Ministry environmental fair was at Ven. Hong Choon Memorial Hall….sigh. so crowds werent exactly impressive there. but luckily we had cheng hyork (!!! my sec1 and 2 classmate!! first time volunteer there!) and boon kian (from dunman oso, one year older. but i nv see him b4. i took his intern position so he’s got something against me HA) and zhi wei (superbly environmental-friendly guy..very knowledgeable abt recycling and saving the earth!!) to sell koyok at the dining hall. they just took 2 boxes of rubbish and educated aunties and uncles about what can be recycled and what cannot. quite cute to see ah mas enquiring, and these young men telling them blabla. haha..

im officially jobless! yiren’s mum just suspended tuition until august. and im not v willing to find the other kid….. too intense. so im like incomeless. v pathetic lah.

met linda n cheryl for breakfast at cartel (my first time, omg!) that day. we laughed till we developed abs lah. mainly laughing at cheryl and her super scandalous stories….hoohoo.

photos not in this PC….. we took some lame shots haha.

i miss them! sigh. miss everyone. lost touch with everyone, more and more detached from my pathetic social circle…

and im like super quiet in class. no 话题at all. i dont club and the last movie i watched was Shower, at the International buddhist film festival. i cant keep saying stupid untruths like “hey, i like your shoes”. it kinda sickens me to keep hearing ppl say it to each other anyway. i just cant be bothered!! helps, social crisis!

but i really cant be bothered noe. tired. it’s definitely draining to upkeep a meaningful friendship. and i dont think im willing to devote whats left of my depleting energy to try forming friendships that im sure 80% wont turn out meaningful.

the past month or so had been a crashboombang. met many people, formed many (meaningful) friendships. grateful. 真的开了眼界。真的,要走出来,才看得到天。


5 comments on “

  1. eileen说道:

    hey! how bz will also pop by here one lar!! 🙂 and yeah i totally agree that clubbing=no life!!

  2. ongcl说道:

    hey ya! eh social crisis? haha the life i’m leading is worse than yours leh! mine is literally no life :p
    Ok la, maybe u’re just very busy for the moment, but i’m sure u will be able to find time to lead ur own way of life!

    本来无一物,何处惹尘埃 🙂

  3. yay one more member in the CID (Clubbing Is Debauchery) club! hahahha…
    thanks eileen… so sweet of u 🙂 when r u free to meet up!

    yeah chin leng, i finding my life finally!! my social life is BACK! hoohoo

  4. che说道:

    I AGREE WITH EILEEN.. pam when u meet eileen i wanna go too!! haha… anywase… pamela.. i think u are zai.. u do alot of miscellaneous that ppl wont think of doing
    i seee it as a very rich lifestyle.. compared to “oh we’re soo cool, we party!” people.

  5. haha…. yar i think i am very zai too, thank u thank u. HAHA…..
    yeah will of cos ask everyone if i meet eileen…!


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