pardon me as i plaster my face (and my friends’) all over here


yep u got it, my whole aim is to put all the cute n nice photos of dicky and me and all the 丑相 Of khine wa here……!! hahahah…. simply because that kw dowan to make stupid pose with us.

oh and here’re photos of breakfast outing with linda n cheryl… laugh until~~! cheryl is bursting with juicy scandalous stories of herself. cant wait for tg outing next week! bobo is back! hope we have full attendance next week!

p1040035.jpg p1040031.jpgp1040038.jpgp1040040.jpgp1040041.jpgp1040042.jpgp1040044.jpgp1040052.jpg

woohoo… cheryl will kill me… luv them all!!

7 comments on “pardon me as i plaster my face (and my friends’) all over here

  1. che说道:

    omg I LOOK LIKE SHIT…. especially the DIG NOSE ONE.. sooo lame.. how come im the only person doing it… omg.. the whole world gonna think im soo lame.. and i am soo fat!! gosh. eh.. who looks at ur site… omg… puhleese… at least linda looks soo cute… i look like ACT CUTE… omg.. like i always am!!! the dig nose one is GROSS and erxin!!!

  2. che说道:

    wah khinewa soo prettty and yizhen!! she is as skinny as u!

  3. che说道:

    where did u dicky and KW go???? gosh… i look like shit!

  4. che说道:

    i love u and yz’s CLAM PICS haha.. love it… do more!

  5. che说道:

    oei! where got scandalous… !!! it;s frivolous!

  6. dicky is skinner than me. we went to orchard…
    haha u r damn baichi leh. dont worry la no handsome jocks reading my blog.
    yeah we will definitely do more! we r YOUNG!!
    NO LA u dun look like shit la. so pretty.

  7. sucrebleu说道:

    soo duh!!! hahah… better not have JOCKS reading this…. diu lian leh!!! aiyo yo!!


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