procrastination is my middle name

Deadlines screaming at me. But there’s no human to scream “赶快交稿!!!” at me… so i’m happily shaking leg. 293 words out of 700 words for one article. 0/400 for the other.

and i need to go back KMS to tie up loose ends. i win already….

whenever i turn on my laptop i just voyeur other ppl’s blogs. HA.

something very 邪门 has been going on for quite long now. whenever i THOUGHT of having durian (even if it were just fleeting thoughts for a milisecond) , my dad will come home at night with durian. it has happened every single time i thought of durian.

very scary.

will anything happen if i think of $1 million?

colin’s going into army tmr…. finally nobody to disturb me already. i have peace now!!

it’s 1.18 am and im in absolutely no mood to write my articles.

u think i can finish off two of them tomorrow? i cant go on waking up at 10/11 am every morning, go online and do inane things, and effectively do nothing all day.

yeah i will finish them tomorrow.

i’ve been in more frequent contact with my chinese classmates (ie. from P.R.C.) these days. they’re rather badly stereotyped and they know it. Upon hearing i was from MDIS, a taxi uncle asked, “你的学校很多中国人hor?”





and he went on to tell me how PRCs are crude and uncivilised.

they can be. one of my clsmates litters with no qualms. but they are still human like us, and i think Singaporeans shd open up more to them before stereotyping them. i know many nice PRCs.

my friends frm China are definitely more streetwise than most Singaporeans i know. and their straight talking manners (or the lack of it) can be rather refreshing. they definitely have a better and deeper sense of humour than singaporeans.

it’s quite sad, the locals in my class kinda treat foreign students as transparent. it’s understandable since not everyone is willing to get out of their comfort zones like me.

but they really should talk to them. every milieu and every person we meet offers us different valuable lessons. and of cos, must treasure the karmic connections that brought us together in the same time and place. 🙂

it’s late, i really need to retire for the night.


One comment on “procrastination is my middle name

  1. Che说道:

    wahh.. i have two good prc frens.. they are damn nice!! 🙂


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