who’s going?

whats with people asking “who’s going?” whenever an outing comes up?

i am perhaps the only living member in TG organising outings so i often get such shitty questions.

i may be overreacting but i feel it’s not very good social practice to keep asking the organiser this taboo question.

it’s quite rude.. especially when i had to send so many smses/find the best date when 8 people can make it/REMIND people of the day/CONFIRM where and when with the super paranoid/etc (often with little or no help)!

having to field extremely irrelevant questions like “who’s going” is kinda like a smack in the face.

are u not going to come when someone else is/isnt going?

will knowing who’s going prepare you psychologically for the gathering?

i just thought of a genius idea- reply “i dont know” when someone asks me this lame question again. If im in a hissy mood i may add : hey why dont u find that out yourself?

when people ask me this question. more questions spin in my head: “oh no, does that mean she isnt going if less than 3 people are coming?” and i start REASSURING people. in some cases i feel coerced to state the reasons why so-and-so isnt coming: “mandy-got work. linda-got tuition.”

so u see, the stress a 2-word question like “who’s going” can inflict upon the poor organiser is unimaginable.

ive got some really decent friends who thank the organiser after an outing. and i feel i must do that too, since i can totally empathise with him. thanking an organiser is just showing you appreciate his/her efforts to bring a group of friends together once or twice a year. it’s not exactly difficult, but they are few and far between.

right now i wana thank zichun, for organising the karaoke outing;
Chin Leng, for organisng YEARLY 6F gatherings no matter rain or shine. I really appreciate you and your family members for doing this every year without asking for any return.  🙂 Hope i can be of help the next gathering!

and Emily! for organising the mini Ocean’s 13 outing for the two of us. Haha..

and Changfang, for helping to ask around for DYB outing that kinda morphed into bassists outing, and zichun doing the honourable job of coordinating.

organising such outings can be really small-scale, but the whole pt is, these people were not obliged to do it! they are not full-time event organisers. they have their own lives to run.

their motivation is simply to bring friends together to catch up and have fun.

Really appreciate and admire those who can do it for years and not needing anything in return.


3 comments on “who’s going?

  1. Ahma说道:

    Hey, so sorry, But, if u need help, i will help. Just that, u and bobo are the only people who are like intouch with the grp leh.. sorry dinno u felt like that…. i need to instill more sensitivity… I guess i always Always asked who’s going, you know, just to know the turnout.. or just kpo lar.. and also.. it’s also quite NOT a group outing if it’s just like less than half the group… even so, for our bakersinn bfast outing, i messaged the whole grp (yes not sincere coz it was THAT day itself), but seems like like u said… they all have other commitments… i admire ur strengths to help keep this grp alive.. i mean without u, yesterday wouldnt have been so fun… IM SORRY im probably the only person who ASKED “whoz going…” but if i can. i always try to make it out to all outings. Even if no one says anything, im sure, we all know DEEP in our hearts who rEALLY REALLY cared / or give a damn about keeping a group alive… i mean… somethings, u dont have to explicitly say…. of course.. sometimes.. its courtesy… hope u feel better.

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    no, u arent the only one who asked “whos going”. it’s easy and perfectly normal for ppl not in my shoes to be less sensitive. 🙂
    then again, i may be oversensitive and overreacting.

  3. Ahma说道:

    I think u have the right to feel this way. I mean i have organized like primary 6 class outing, and it was reallly hard… and especially so if ppl din seem to appreciate.. but oh well..


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