tribute to cheryl, linda and bobo

my pimped pic!

3 comments on “tribute to cheryl, linda and bobo

  1. Ahma说道:

    omg!!! hahaha…. CHERYL.. omg is that cheryl.. yah yah.. she looks like a fat moustachey pirate… oops i think i just said yesterday that dicky looks like a pirate.. yah i meant sailor… omg.. ewww.. oh ya… cheryl told me to tell u not to put her glasses pic .. hahaha.. okayy. haha… byeee…

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    ah ma, are u cheryl’s ah ma?
    u r so IT-SAvvy!!! :O

  3. Ahma说道:

    hahaha… u know ah ma these days must keep up with good times!!! u know kids, they use comp all the time.. i learnt a thing or two.. aiya dont talk to u le.. i go do TAI QI QUAN with my fellow friends later.. later they are gonna mahjong with me.. and then, we gonna tiao ka and sit at void deck and talk about how small u kids were before… now.. grow up, then dont really talk to ah ma.. so ah ma must come and look at ur blog….


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