Let’s celebrate!

I got two friends to sign up for Ven Kwang Sheng’s meditation course!

They were interested in learning meditation, but dont know where to go. So happy the conditions are right for them to come in contact with the Dharma!

One last condition needed though – i hope this course intake isnt already full! And i gotta help them register cos one is in Vietnam (Jie Hui) and another one (Justin) is needed at his grandmother’s wake.

Justin is my ex-colleague at ABN-Amro bank, now reading Law at NUS. I’m glad I remembered him saying he wanted to learn meditation last year (oh my, time flies!) and took the liberty to sms him about this course. I didnt harbour much hope really, but I’m so glad I tried, cos it led to something!!

It may seem like I’m overreacting to something so small, but it means something to me cos I face more failure than success in trying to “form/catalyse ” such positive connections.

Jie Hui is in Vietnam… coming back on 21 July so she’s gotta miss 3 sessions. She asked me to sign her up nonetheless! Woohoo~  Really hope they still allow her to sign up.. and hope there are seats left! Amituofo, help us!

Sigh, they are still convicted even when they have such busy schedules. So touched. Am also ashamed at my laxness in meditation. 😦 It’s so hard and I’m so impatient. (i shant rant about it in this celebratory entry) They inspire me to put in more effort in my practice!

With these positive connections (nearly) looped, hopefully it will lead to cooler things! for example, them joining Youth Ministry!

Cant wait to see them at KMS. cant wait!


2 comments on “Let’s celebrate!

  1. johnson说道:

    我已爱上了你所介绍的歌手音乐人。。。 现在又要买CD了。 都是你!谢谢你。

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    haha.. 不谢,好东西是要分享的。她的音乐是不朽的,不怕考验。


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