Had a great and extremely liberating Kbox session with CF yesterday. K-lunch is really worth the money! Sang lots of Chinese classics..haha. Never felt so good after singing K- usually I’d be worn-out from all the noise and anxiety (10 more minutes!!) We are the Poh-Fang group! Yay! Sang quite a lot of slow songs. Not a single Grasshoppers/Jacky Cheung/Ah Mei this time – usually my Kbox staples.

I think it really helps to write a song list. we each wrote one. So we dont end up singing the same old songs.

And we had waffles with whipped cream, choc sauce and brandied cherry ice cream at Gelare!! half price! BRANDIED CHERRY! rum and raisin can just go home and sleep la. utterly sinful… for only $3 each!

Gonna meet Mollie later to pass him his New Urban Male birthday present… muahaha. Last saw him at KMS Vesak… wonder how’s he now!

I’ve been a blob of guilt and lethargy lately. Guilty for many things, with no viable remedy for most.

Been waking up at 10 am these days, simply because I cant wake up. I think I’d rather escape into the unreality of my sleep and dreams than wake up to face reality. Trying my best to plough through it all. I still carry the hope that things will iron themselves out.

I came to realise that love and attachment are vastly different, and that both love* and non-love can cause suffering. But non-attachment stops it.

*that’s based on my definition: “love is a euphemism for lust”  



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