Anyone got secret formula for ridding odours?

Tenants just moved out of my grandma’s place. As with all tenants from hell, they left hell for us to clear. But they’re a tad better than tenants in Malacca, who basically looted the place. My poor father was close to tears when he saw the state of our house.

Never mind the battered furniture that now offers my wasteland living room a brand new landscape.

Because of some convoluted reason, the queen size mattress used by the (Indian) family of three now finds its new home in my bedroom.

And I bunked at my parents’ room last night. I cant help but do that until some miracle is performed to rid the bleddy smell.

Helps. Please give suggestions, both orthodox and unorthodox, for getting rid of odours. I will be eternally grateful to you. If it works, that is.

P.S.:  My sister and I thought of giving prospective tenants a 100-question psychology cum hygiene cum morals test to screen them. New tenants coming in soon. Middle aged Eurasian couple. I pray, hope and wish fervently that they dont come from hell.


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