1. suffering from writer’s block now, hate it
  2. date with C postponed indefinitely,yay! i secretly wished the durian i ate would make me fall sick so i needn’t go. i feel very sorry and shitty about this, but some things cant be helped.
  3. havent cried for very, very long. i wish i could cry somewhat. over what, i dont know. just cry. not tear. cry.
  4. hence, i think i am masochistic, but not in the sexual sense. just having “pleasure in being abused or dominated : a taste for suffering” according to Webster.
  5. havent travelled for very long. more than one year since taipei trip. break record liao lah. how can i allow such a tragedy to befall myself! am toying with the idea of travelling to southern taiwan alone, but parents not very supportive. rar. never tried it before. will i end up being so lonely i have to talk into paper bags and phones with no one on the line?
  6. i bought 2005 idol drama 恶作剧之吻。 was quite attracted to it on scv and i cant tahan having to watch it episode by episode. the editing is quite bad cos there’s no closure at the end of each episode! but i LURVE the girl 袁湘琴 played by 林依晨! soooo cute! watching idol dramas like this makes me feel like im in secondary school again. cried buckets over meteor garden ONE.
  7. got nothing more to say.bye.


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