Bubble burst!

For the past month I’d been regaling in the thought of a 3-month holiday, which sounds simply too good to be true.

Had my bubble burst today when fren told me school starts Sept 18. 😦 mY grand plans! 不可以再虚度光阴了!!

sob! Just 2 days ago I was fantasizing about fantastic holidays with dicky and kw. We went to botanic gardens, and it gave me the illusion of being overseas. The lowly means I use to satisfy my wanderlust! Epic tragedy!

Pho-pho-pho-pho tos!



they look like this to match the background. look like 18 levels of hell right?
No la we’re actually in the evolution garden. why do they seem to enjoy themselves!


yeah my head is damn big i know.


proud of this! got professional standard right!



preparing to do their muthu curry cheer.


yellow ixora. felt like a primary school excursion! we saw the infamous pri sch textbook balsam and bird’s nest fern! when was the last time i said the word ‘balsam’?!


wahahha.. proud of this too! squinting under the glaring sun actually makes me look 高深莫测!! ( imperceptible)


the black swan must’ve been full of scorn for us 3. “take pic take pic, hurry!! swan come already!!”

quite sad, pond so big, only got 2 black swans. the other pond had 2 white ones who were more friendly to each other:


more pics from Dicky! i reached Flickr’s limit of 200 photos, tsk. 




more on my flickr!

Was reading blog entries I wrote when I was 17, and i couldnt even recognize myself. 😛

Extremely shameless and without a care for the bledy world.

My writing is so pretentious now. Pretending to be deep and brooding with no real substance. Yucks.


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