Excuse me while I implode.

my gawd lah i have to blog or else i will die of implosion.

That guy whom Ching wi marked came down today. She left us alone in the office intentionally, and texted me 1000 questions to (discreetly) ask him.

So I found that out for her, at the expense of getting my cover blown while having to feel so embarrassed silently……. he went for 6 months short term monkhood, might have attained some mind-reading powers? Even if he cant read minds, he will confirm smell something fishy when I only start talking to him after I receive smses right!

and she texted: “U get to noe him la 🙂 he’s a nice chap 🙂 smart oso”

i replied: “walao eh is this some match making thing. I am so innocently being manipulated by you!”

It was so hard trying to keep a straight face in front of him while i typed that sms.


Luckily, he was really nice. At least i Dont feel too “unethical” being a spy for CW…..

The devious, insidious ways  she use to headhunt/establish contacts/expand resource base……

😛 If he reads this we’re all gonna die.

But CW says we’re desperate for (talented, intellectual) people to help us. But is that a good enough reason to pounce on innocent, unknowing people like him? True we cant force him if he doesnt want to help, but isnt roping him in within days of meeting him a bit too hurried?

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