my “mood pendulum” has swung a bit to the happy side… quite dramatic, the way good things follow after my shitty encounter.

否极泰来 in one day!

After my shitty incident:

  1. i had super nice dinner at the Dining Hall. The vegetarian fish curry was so good i had second serving.
  2. Yamada-san, this very cute 人老心不老volunteer, treated me to durian! he insisted that i eat 3 hoots 🙂 and it was damn good.
  3. i didnt need to wait very long for my two buses 52 and 53.
  4. i managed to catch some sleep on 53.
  5. Librarian called to tell me somebody returned my book for me!!! So i neednt pay for it! woohoo~
  6. I got selected for the SPH thing.

Quite an amazing spate of good things one after another… after a shitty thing.
I was working with Yuzhen-jie and Ching wi’s parents yesterday… and they’re such darlings. All bursting with metta!! CW’s parents are 名副其实的“老菩萨”咯。and Yuzhen-jie’s a real dear too… Really enjoy working with them!

Ok i feel better. the shitty thing is prolly a manifestation of my PMS or something.

Will be super busy with Ullambana.  Pray for good weather (no rain, air con temperature, slight breeze) and docile crowds with tempers of lambs. Also pray that I dont go blind with all the smoke from joss sticks.

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