late night ramblings

  1. i have a rather violent craving for Macdonald’s breakfast right now. Sis says Mac is a unscrupulous MNC, so she’s reluctant to eat with me tmr. i know it too, but a craving’s a craving.
  2. there’s a need for me to document my entire Ullambana experience in detail, but i havent got photos yet. it came and went, and i’m really happy to work with the nicest people even though i did kenna some scoldings by the public/ unreasonable people… Unavoidable, since i’m i/c of enquiries. the spirit of self-sacrifice really shows in many volunteers, and they put me to shame.
  3. went Bi Feng Tang @ century square (again!) to celebrate sis’ bday. it was damn good as usual. just thinking of the food now makes me hungry. we had the set menu for four, and every single dish did not fail to disappoint. and the staff is so friendly! offered me free bowl of peanut dessert, so nice. BFT is so underrated! Din tai fung feels like a total letdown compared to BFT, what with its very limited menu and rip-off prices. oh and imperial treasure sucks! overpriced, bad food. that time with cf and eric shd be my first and last visit….
  4. i am finally finally going on a holiday!!! first up, bangkok with my father. poor him, already say he will help me carry my shopping. aww. two other destinations for 2007: taiwan and vietnam! feels like some sort of a “travellorhea”, after 1 year of not travelling. oh and im going on a one day tour to JB/Kluang with my mother! cant wait cant wait! my passport is itching to be chopped!
  5. oh i forgot to mention i have a slight tinge of regret for joining the SPH student reporters thingy.. after the briefing we all concluded that there is little space for us to maneuver. cant write in first-person! cant review things! cant this, cant that. i dont know what to write. i dont know how clipping our wings like that is gonna make the portal a truly vibrant and youthful one, really.

2 comments on “late night ramblings

  1. eileen说道:

    BFT is good!!! way better than crystal jade!!! DTF is overpriced and…so not worth it.

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    yea lor! Cjade still not bad la. I saw a girl who looks a lot like u! shes frm NTU chinese year 2.


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