Sometimes, when I don’t get something I want, I’d feel that I must have looked like I didn’t want it badly enough. So the entire universe, thinking that I don’t actually want it, won’t conspire to help me get it.

Or is it because I really don’t want it badly enough?


As you can see, i’ve got a new “lyrics” page. Didn’t know lyrics writing can be so addictive!

New work up!  “想和你到世界郊游”

Johnson, got music? Muahaha..

My parents just bought tix to Tsai Chin’s concert coming Sat. They didn’t invite me. 😦 太不够意思了。I thought it was a diplomatic move to not say I wanted to tag along.  Dont wanna sabotage their romantic little date.  啊but it’s Tsai Chin!!! She sang me to sleep last night. Haunting, beautiful voice. Effortless. Played The Carpenters the other day, and her voice made me wanna fall in love.

I gotta go KMS every day next week! Cos they need help in preparing for 农历七月超度法会…  logistical disaster. Ching wi is trying to fix me up with some guy who just came back from short-term monkhood. I was serving him halfway when he came for wsdp today (i seriously dont understand why they keep asking me to go when they already have enough hands!)  and CW deliberately pulled me away. “Have you signed up……” I was a bit confused when she did that.

“Come, Miss Poh…..wah, not bad hor, this one! Good la good la…”

“……………… ”

And she kept accusing me of beo-ing him. Sometimes YM people really say and do the strangest things. CW has already decided to ask him come KMS for lunch next monday, and chope him for the whole of that week. And this is the first time she sees him. Vulture in sparrow’s feathers!




Hokkien song featured in both Singapore Dreaming and 881.

I’m gonna learn it!

Was out with my aunt and mother to watch 881 that day. In grand rush to buy tickets cos my aunt was late.

Aunt: “Quick, give me your senior citizen pass! IC also can! Got discount la!”

Mum:  “What pass? I dont have.”

Aunt: “Senior citizen la!”

Mum: “I not senior citizen yet HOR!”

In the end..

tickets: $7 each (no discount after 5 pm haha)
dinner: $40
the expression on my mum’s face: priceless


Kind of like parents reluctant to announce the gender of their baby, i am always scared of announcing things that aren’t cast in stone yet, for fear of letting the magic and “luck” leak away.

Bubble burst!

For the past month I’d been regaling in the thought of a 3-month holiday, which sounds simply too good to be true.

Had my bubble burst today when fren told me school starts Sept 18. 😦 mY grand plans! 不可以再虚度光阴了!!

sob! Just 2 days ago I was fantasizing about fantastic holidays with dicky and kw. We went to botanic gardens, and it gave me the illusion of being overseas. The lowly means I use to satisfy my wanderlust! Epic tragedy!

Pho-pho-pho-pho tos!



they look like this to match the background. look like 18 levels of hell right?
No la we’re actually in the evolution garden. why do they seem to enjoy themselves!


yeah my head is damn big i know.


proud of this! got professional standard right!



preparing to do their muthu curry cheer.


yellow ixora. felt like a primary school excursion! we saw the infamous pri sch textbook balsam and bird’s nest fern! when was the last time i said the word ‘balsam’?!


wahahha.. proud of this too! squinting under the glaring sun actually makes me look 高深莫测!! ( imperceptible)


the black swan must’ve been full of scorn for us 3. “take pic take pic, hurry!! swan come already!!”

quite sad, pond so big, only got 2 black swans. the other pond had 2 white ones who were more friendly to each other:


more pics from Dicky! i reached Flickr’s limit of 200 photos, tsk. 




more on my flickr!

Was reading blog entries I wrote when I was 17, and i couldnt even recognize myself. 😛

Extremely shameless and without a care for the bledy world.

My writing is so pretentious now. Pretending to be deep and brooding with no real substance. Yucks.