A Piece of Summer, A Piece of You

Great live vocals, as usual. Great band too. She’s extremely shy, and her dimples are so cute. Her red wavy hair was really nice too.

The crowd was wild. We were just a little more subdued than Jay Chou fans. First time I stood on the chair in a concert! I think we had 5 encores.

Quite a pity she didnt sing 会不会、孩子 and 表面的和平。

Felt quite 虚脱 after so much clapping and standing on the chair. 她唱了两首新歌,可是我没太听懂歌词。打上字幕可能更好些。这次演唱会也再度证实了一样东西:没有一个演唱会是不用荧光棒的。即便像陈绮贞这类内敛的创作歌手,也会有在舞台上跳跃的是时刻。也有她近几年来喜欢创作的摇滚/ 半摇滚歌曲。 





one day tour to Johor Bahru with mother. great number of flags to show patriotism.


Budget airlines and their legendary leg space


Jatujak! sweltering hot.

That’s why we need this:



Found the Anatomie shop!! It’s an indie brand which sells tee shirts designed by a Thai designer. According to the shopkeeper it is widely supported by Thais. my fave brand!




real rabbits for sale


Day one’s loot. my foot is there for scale.

x.JPG Day one.


No-city-planning BKK. there are many half-built, abandoned buildings there.


Day two’s loot.


coffee break @ Black Canyon Coffee. i see more of these than Starbucks.


Oishi Grand buffet…… i have sinned.


That’s my papa and me at the new Suvarnabhumi Airport’s sky lounge. it’s a swanky place with leather sofas and overpriced food.


there, swanky.

P.S: Cheer Chen’s concert tonight!! Can’t wait can’t wait!



这就是白色恐怖。让我觉得,生活在新加坡,真的很幸运。车票涨价、 巴士不准时,跟缅甸人民所受的苦,真的不算什么。根本不能相提并论。人很渺小。

真切祈愿, 缅甸的僧众和人民可以在不流血的情况下, 早日获得自由, 获得作为人应有的基本权利和尊严。也希望军人政府可以早日醒悟。。。




Was having ramen with Bobo yesterday. As usual, we generated some questions from our intellectual discussion:

Q: Do fish drink water? (I googled this and the first result is a webpage titled Nature Questions from Kids. How humiliating.)


Of loot and grub

Went to Bangkok last week. My first real trip (Malaysia and Changi Airport so dont count) overseas after 1.5 years of wanderlust.

I bought an obscene amount of clothes, most of which were able to expertly conceal my equally obscene waistline. The loot filled a 29 inch suitcase. Am thinking of buying more and selling them. I have complete faith in my fashion sense; I’ll sell everything.

The best thing about Bangkok shopping is that you dont feel guilty, because there is probably no other place on earth where you can get so much for so little. And shopping without guilt nor burden (ok, that’s because my father pays) is just plain shiok.

Love the fact that I can share most with my mother. I believe some will last me through pregnancy and old age, if they ever come.

The most exciting addition to Bangkok since my last visit should be the new Platinum Fashion Mall, with more than 1300 shops. It’s at 222 Petchburi Road, Ratchathewee, 5 minutes away from my hotel!!! Those who wish to devour the mall and its contents whole can stay at the Grand Diamond hotel, just beside it. It satiated me so well, I didnt even need to go to Suan Lum Night Bazaar. It’s the first time I didnt neednt go to Suan Lum!!!

When I booked my hotel (Baiyoke Suite) online I didnt know this: it’s located right in the middle of a fashion wholesale region. How I gawked when our taxi maneuvered its way in. My gawd, we are practically drowning in clothes! But it was a blissful sort of drowning muahaha….

Been quite lucky there, many shopkeepers gave me discounts without even me asking. 😉 Maybe I have the “I need charity” face.

Was on the overhead bridge to MBK when I saw the nicest pair of legs on earth. Yeah, I never ever saw such nice legs in my life! They belong to a lady, FYI. I wonder if her looks match her legs.

Oh and Thai guys are still irritatingly cute (plus soft spoken, plus shy, plus gentlemanly). I dont understand why they have such an obscene surplus of good looking guys (and girls) there. We need this kind of foreign talent!!

The Thais are superbly friendly and warm, as usual. How do they stay so happy-go-lucky all the time? They’re so smiley, they make me smiley too.

I dont know if their King’s birthday is coming; everyone’s wearing (and selling) yellow tee shirts emblazoned with a royal symbol.

And my father is so wei da, ploughed through mountains of clothes with me without a grumble. A grown middle aged man looking at women’s clothes leh! Non-stop except for meals, travel, sleep, toilet and massage!

Foot massage isnt as bad as i thought. I realise I have a rather high threshold for pain. Very intolerant of tickles though. My masseuse Noi was quite amused. Can visit the massage shop at basement level of Platinum Shopping Mall. Cheap and good! Must say the head and shoulder massage is still better at MBK.

Photos soon.


鸭子在游泳, 悠哉闲哉。 水面下,却是另一片风景。

鸭子的掌死命地来回划, 划出了泡泡,很多泡泡。

快不行了, 它还是故作安逸的在水上游来游去。



五十件除喝酒作爱你还能在晚上做的事 by 吴韦材

这五十件事,好在能行, 没有疯狂到摧毁我一生的程度。也亏他想得出来。好玩, 也不怎么需要花钱。我跃跃欲试。


另一推荐:中国戏剧 《清宫风云》。 个个演技极佳, 尤其是皇太后大玉儿。每集都看得我大气也不敢喘一声。每逢周六周日,U频道,晚上7.30.

I am officially screwed.

Was typing a melancholic 散文 when I realised I havent started my readings, which amount to an astronomical number of pages.

I havent bought the books either. Hate myself for being so typical.

I really, really wish I could teleport.

Lessons start next Tuesday. I have an article to slam out. Deadline: tomorrow. Wordcount: 40? Congratulations to me.

Sometimes I think I’m spoilt rotten by my parents.

My papa has enthusiastically stashed several NTUC recycling bags in our luggage so he could “help carry my shopping”.

And he pays for all the shopping too….

My mummy says she’ll treat me to Ah Mei’s concert because I’m “not earning any money”.

Aww i love them to bits.

告诉自己, 要惜福啊。