Kenna tagged

Rules: Each player of the game starts off by writing 6 weird things about themselves before choosing another 6 of their friends to “sabo”. People who get tagged needs to write in a blog on their own, 6 weird things about themselves and state the rules clearly.

Weird? i must be the most normal person around lor. dont think i can complete all six, but i’ll try:

  1.  i dont eat raw things. Very lugi at buffets 😦
  2. i havent fell sick for more than a year. choy choy though.
  3. i can “command” my father to buy durian just by thinking of it. works every single bleddy time.
  4. i can’t do standing broad jumps. we concluded it runs in the family. my parents and sis cant, too.
  5. i can impersonate the malaysian chinese accent damn well. for the record, my sis does the singaporean indian one superbly.
  6. i had a crush on my malay classmate in primary one. i still remember his name and his father’s occupation.

sorry to disappoint with my very unimpressive six “weird” things.

i now give these people a chance to publicly exhibit little known/weird facts about themselves:

  1. Eric tan lee lee (he’s dying to do this i know)
  2. dearest ma khine!
  3. eileen!
  4. boon kian haha…
  5. dammit i dunno who reads my blog. those who do dont own blogs! Emily!
  6. _________ open-ended. fill your name in. u can write ur 6 weird things by leaving a comment. ha.


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