Finally reunited with my Faye Wong CD after 8 years. I spent the past 8 years trying to get a replacement, but it was out of print. Was convinced that good things  come by only once, and once lost it never returns. Proven wrong!

Parents’ inability to live with each other’s habits convince me that cohabitation (without sex) before marriage might be useful. Singlehood dont sound too bad an option either. Mum thinks cohabitation without sex is impossible. I agree. :X  But we should have more faith in morality sometimes. Ha.

Isn’t it sad when you realise, half your life gone, that you don’t actually derive much happiness in marriage? And because of the kids, the house, the joint savings account, the things others say, you can’t turn back. You can’t opt out. Too much is at stake.

Does marriage necessarily signify the death of love? Sometimes I am compelled to believe that. And the fact that women are expected to shoulder most domestic responsibilities even when they work full-times makes me sick. I saw this lady on the bus and she was lugging a laptop bag, her handbag and bagfuls of groceries while looking considerably glam at the same time. She looked well groomed, but wore a slightly tired looking face. And I’m inclined to believe she’s this superwoman model of a working mum because she’s obliged to: bound by her marriage and kids, not that she wants to be like this.

Quite a heavy entry today… but all is not lost because men who see the need and are willing to share domestic responsibilities with their wives still exist!  Endangered, but not extinct. My mum waxes lyrical about her colleagues’ husbands everyday because they belong to this elite species while my father, sadly, doesn’t.


Father playing The Great Compassion Mantra 大悲咒 on the stereo after 凤飞飞’s 精选集。Was feeling heartened about his rare display of spirituality until he said:


“Must listen to sutra leh, having bad luck these days.” 

He is now napping in his room while the mantra plays on.

My father is terribly entertaining. You can never get bored with him around.


Let me share a piece of earthshaking news with you, my dear reader.

I am so touched that my friend Eric does housework! He vacuums and mops! Under his usual facade of binging and shopping, I see another Eric.

OMG! I am put to shame!  I only iron clothes, change my own bedsheets and wash dishes when I feel like it. My father told me to sweep the floor yesterday but I cleverly dodged from this chore that I dont like.

Is he the only 20-year-old guy in Singapore who does housework?


i find myself absolutely unable to tolerate the sound paper make when they crash onto the floor following a gust of wind. the sound drives me crazy.

i want to eat high class sausages and yili milk and pasta and rosti.

i want to eat siew mai. and hongkong chee cheong fun. and soya bean milk.



日子缓慢得可以 不费力

平淡无奇 我也承受不了太绚丽




没惊没险的日子   天空格外美丽


这种晚上   有点太安静

这种日子   不该耗在这里

这种情绪   能引起谁的共鸣






抛开孤寂 迷失在瞬间的无语


今天天气好得不得了! 感恩。。。

这几天我都赋闲在家,当“陪读姐姐”。 妹子要考该死的A水准了,我能支持就支持。


在读英国作家 Tom Hodgkinson 的 How to Be Free ,很有趣。 很幽默,却不失真实性。 很多点子(把电视机丢掉、把手表丢掉)如果真的有勇气实践的话,说不定真的会带来自由。

对我这个天下第一大懒人来说,这本书似乎肯定了我的懒,终于有人写出我的心境,真是欣慰非常。。。作者认为,要自由, 就要与世无争,就不要被金钱束缚,就要选择自己的生活方式,不向这个世界妥协。他坚信,在现代社会里,得到自由,还是有可能的,只是在于你选择的生存+ 生活方式。 hmm…

Tom 的网上杂志 The Idler 宗旨: The intention of the magazine is to return dignity to the art of loafing, to make idling into something to aspire towards rather than reject.