I expected a slack bum-around “holiday” with relief teaching here and there + stay home procrastinating about my assignment.

I don’t know what I did to end up going out almost everyday.

Meeting Yuzhen-jie tomorrow! Tuesday = Kbox with Dicky. Need to write song list soon. Totally 沉醉when I played Cheer’s 精选集 last night. 躺在你的衣柜 is sooo nice!

Went KMS today to help out with Q&A session on refuge taking and 5 precepts. I was told I’m the emcee only 5 minutes before!!! My weak heart. I managed to pull it off until the last moment. 😛 I didn’t blame myself that much, since 人非圣贤 孰能无过. Until they started telling me “it’s alright, you did very well!! don’t worry!!” i started to feel embarrassed. :S

And Billy only said “you help with set-up and registration la” on the phone.  “So unchallenging,” I secretly thought. Went there with the intention to buah longlong. 谁知道!Quite a fun experience though!

Listening to 容祖儿’s 《小小》 专辑。 Superbly nice. I dont regret investing in her. Regret buying Eason Chan’s album. One listen and no intention to listen again. Sad lor.

Most of the people who responded to “Who’s the most environmentally-conscious person you know?” said: “ME LOR!”

Cute lor. Finally one person has agreed to let me photo her…. woo hoo. Sigh, it wasnt easy trying to get people for this.  :\

And let’s all admit that is terribly cluttered and overloaded with too much info. The Youth zone, where articles of student reporters are featured, is like 沧海一粟lor.
Owells,  只能叹一声无奈!

Saw the words “ONLY IDIOTS CYCLE ON WALKWAYS” spray painted at a taxi stand in Bishan. Not the most legitimate way to express angst, but I SUPPORT THIS MESSAGE!! I wish these two causes cld appear on Facebook:”Prosecute All Cyclists on Walkways” and “Replace All Hazardous + Pretentious Bum Rests in Singapore with Proper Seats”

bum.jpg Photo from ST

Old people are just gonna break their limbs and die from falling off these useless contraptions.

Shame on SMRT! And this is a very, very lame excuse:

The slim structures, installed close to the wall, maximise seating capacity in crowded stations because more benches or seats would cause a human traffic jam.

What nonsense!! No thinking commuter is going to take this shit. Those white elephants so do not maximise seating capacity?!?!

And I’m truly shocked by this:

As for changing the height of the bum rests, the spokesman said: ‘We have not received adverse feedback on the height of the bum rests since it was reduced. We will monitor passengers’ feedback closely.’

Hmm they’re still deluded. I must complain already, lor.



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