I waste my time penning complaint letters

From: Poh Yong Hui <mantuntun@gmail.com>
Date: Oct 14, 2007 11:49 PM
Subject: Pretentious and hazardous bum rests should be replaced for good
To: corpcomms@smrt.com.sg

Dear corp comms officer,

I would like to express my deep dissatisfaction in the pretentious and hazardous bum rests SMRT has installed at strategic locations all over Singapore.

I am absolutely unable to sit on them without holding on for dear life despite being 165 cm tall, and perfectly mobile. Would the decision makers at SMRT please consider the trauma elderly people, shorter people and less mobile people have to go through when they try to sit on these things?

Apart from being white elephants, they are obvious safety hazards. Elderly folks are going to break their limbs if they accidentally slip off these things. Is SMRT going to wait for such mishaps to happen before doing something concrete?

And by concrete , I mean permanently replacing these things with proper old-fashioned seats which can truly let commuters rest their tired legs, not to “get calf muscles” sitting on it, to quote a commuter featured in the Straits Times. We can go to the gym if we want calf muscles.

Sending them back to manufacturers to shorten their height has proved to be a futile attempt on SMRT’s side. It is a waste of money and effort. Please just replace them with proper seats for good, before they become a national joke. It is no surprise if tourists are marveling at these wondrous inventions right now.

I fervently wish to see these bum rests replaced soon. I thank you for hearing me out.

Poh Yong Hui



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