My lecturer asked each of us to say a unique fact about ourselves. My response: “My name is Yong Hui and I almost got knocked down by a bus just now.”

I am an absolute moron for trying to jaywalk at one of the busiest roads in town.

I swear never to jaywalk except in my own neighbourhood. 😛

I‘m recently in the I-don’t-care-if-I-look-like-an-Ah-Lian mood. Been wearing more shorts these days. I can foresee the horrified look on those kids’ face if they see stern Miss Poh walking down Pasir Ris interchange in short shorts.

Just in case you’re interested, I’m also increasingly in the I-don’t-care-if-I-eat-lots-of-junk-food-and-die-from-obesity mood. My tummy miraculously disappeared after I fell ill in Bangkok. It has since returned.

I ate MacDonald’s (!!) fries and the earth-shakingly delicious New Zealand Natural Durian-flo yesterday for supper.

The Durian-flo is vilely overpriced at $4.50 though.

P.S.: Salad Days just got its verrry-first email from a customer! Yay!  

Oh my, oh my!

First tees up on Salad Days! Tell me what you think of my first attempt at this.

Please also help advertise Salad Days on your prestigious blogs, my dear friends! I would be eternally grateful.

Really tired from photographing, editing and uploading….

Goodnight world!

Opening Sale!

Hey Everyvun!!

Come visit us at the Bugis Library Atrium this 24 and 25 November!  Salad Days will be renting a push cart for the weekend. We’ll be selling vintage tees, funky dresses and accessories. There are only one or two pieces of each design!

A sneak peek:


 click to enlarge

Gimme your honest feedback please! Tell me if you love or hate the stuff!

Come accompany me tend stall lah! Hopefully we needn’t swat flies! 😉 Hope to see you there!


你生气吗?不要紧。 你寂寞吗?不要紧。




细细品味此刻的寂寞/忧郁/ 气愤吧。不要逃避,不要故作坚强,不要袖手旁观。这可能让自己到头来更加脆弱。沉醉在里面吧, 别敷衍它。再多的煎熬,都会过去。没关系,下场雨就当洗涤心灵。

大家最近都有点 under the weather. 让我们一起度过呗!一切将会过去。其实我们微笑时,都最美丽。


I have this urge to watch a movie alone tomorrow and not tell anyone what movie I watched. So the only people who know would be me, the ticket seller, the usher and whoever went in.

It’s the second time this year I’d read a blog back to back. Well, almost lah. And I got so curious about the writer I sleuthed for his identity using Google and Facebook. He writes really well and I share many of his thoughts. I fantasized that he might be 才貌双全。In a few clicks, I came to know his full name and saw his close up photo. The power of the Internet is quite scary.

School officially ends today for the kids I’ve been teaching. Phew.


因为不知道自己到底在想什么,感觉已经不认识自己, 眼前一片混浊。


What’s happening?


I wonder how long more there is till I shout “我受够了!”

And the fact that I have completely lost my ability to throw tantrums is not helping at all.

I also don’t know how to say no.

It’s a semi stormy day and I’m alone in the house, playing Cheer Chen damn loudly.