Was at Century Square with my family. We passed by departmental store BHG.

Father: “What is BHG huh?”

Me: “Don’t know leh, let me go check… oh Be Home for Good things*! Such an awkward name.”

Father: “Oh. I thought it’s Ban Hock Guan**.”

Then we went to the basement.

Being the perennial kaypoh he is, he fiddled around with the Watson’s products on display. The tubes of neatly arranged Nivea cream swiftly collapsed into the cavernous shelf that contained them.

Father: “Quick, run!!”

*Be Home for Good things: departmental store now owned by a mainland Chinese company

**Ban Hock Guan: alleged to be a famous ba-kwa shop


3 comments on “

  1. josephine说道:

    HAHA! your father is very faaarrnie

  2. yz说道:


  3. Miss Poh说道:

    haha.. he’s a permanent joker. but he can drive us crazy too.. *sigh.


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