Boycott man-eating MNCs, everyone!

I never realised this until I had to pick a local company for my Advertising and PR project.

It’s quite ironic that as a Singaporean, I can’t think of a local company (that hasn’t already gone regional/global) without squeezing my bwains dry.

Do I blame globalisation? Am I truly Singaporean? How can I not know?  How can I not support local brands?

Our lives are inundated with global man-eating MNCs and that’s making us lose a big part of our identity. Like it or not, they are encroaching on our space and diminishing the importance of local brands in our minds.

It’s mind-numbing and slightly humiliating to see taglines like America’s Very Best plastered all over Singaporean shopping malls.  We’re too busy hobnobbing with Mac’s and KFC to even cast sideway glances at that sad little local start-up dying for our attention.

I will make a conscious effort to support local brands from now on! Ay, these local brands should have some form of identification so I know I’m buying local/indie. Like a “Uniquely Singaporean”/ “Lovingly Local”/ “Incredibly Indie”  sticker or something. :X

Boycott Man-eating MNCs, everyone! Support local, support indie!

Most importantly, support ME!


2 comments on “Boycott man-eating MNCs, everyone!

  1. jooo说道:

    Going on a large roundabout, you’re just giving yourself more excuses to advertise for your online shop loh right! hahaha. Tsk tsk, how unscrupulous!

    Yah, its crazy. Alot of companies i thought of doing initially are actually international ): how annoying.

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    woops you caught me!

    aiya shun bian ma……


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