Gives me a cheap thrill to see what terms people use to find my blog. What’s a malay cheapskate guitar?!!

Never truly appreciated the merits of WordPress until I found out that Livejournal and Blogspot don’t show you Blog Stats. I will forgive you for not letting me customize widgets and blog layout now, WordPress! You let me stalk my readers!

Had presents exchange in class today. Was desperate to find a good, useful unisexual present yesterday. Mighty glad I saw the organizer at Popular, it was the last one!

I got the prehistoric bookmark Joyce bought. It’s a clayish tablet that says “I’d give up chocolate but I’m no quitter”. I’m not a big fan of chocs, but this chunk of a bookmark will make it easier for me to find where I left off. I always need to thumb through books 1000 times before I finally find those reed-thin bookmarks which seem to do all they can to hide from me.

I think Jay Chou’s  扯 is mighty nice although I can’t understand a word.

Went Daiso with Pandora. I LOVE DAISO! It has so many useless but nice things! I’m proud to announce I walked out with only one item: a toothbrush! If you don’t mind teeny weeny organizers, buy your 2008 one there! They come in so many cute designs and are only $2 each!

I’m sorry for being random.


2 comments on “Etc

  1. chyork说道:

    yo. i dun use wordpress but yet i have blog trackers too. I KNOW WHEN YOU DROP BY. hiak hiak hiak.

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    aiya! 不好玩的!


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