“If you know anything that is
hurtful or untrue,
do not say it.
If you know anything that is
helpful but untrue,
do not say it.
If you know anything that is
hurtful but true,
do not say it.
If you know anything that is
helpful and true,
find the right time.”

Need reminders like this to put me on the right path. I bitched about someone in my diary yesterday, and the whole process felt inconclusive and pointless, much less cathartic. I even felt bad and unsettled.


Cheryl, 生日快乐!

Back from Cheryl’s 21st! I’m really touched by her family’s warmth. Her siblings were going around chatting with her friends la! I can’t imagine my own sister doing that. I feel a great sense of affinity with her sisters Macey and Cerlyn.


Recipe for happyness

Was in a creative mood yesterday and made many ads. Made ngor hiong also! It’s easy and fun and makes me feel domesticated. A rather good feeling. Finally a good endorphins-producing activity to replace exercise! CF and Eric solved The Mystery of a Couch Potato’s Melancholy for me by telling me exercise produces endorphins.

And Ooo:

Besides behaving as a pain reducer, endorphins are also thought to be connected to euphoric feelings, appetite modulation, and the release of sex hormones. Prolonged, continuous exercise contributes to an increased production of endorphins and, in some people, the subsequent “runner’s high.”

I’m going to teach you how to make ngor hiong whether you like it or not:

  1. You need commonsensical amounts of: minced pork, minced prawns, chopped spring onions, chopped water chestnut, chopped coriander and dried beancurd skin aka 腐皮 in commonsensical proportions.
  2. Throw them into a big mixing bowl.
  3. Add commonsensical amounts of salt, five-spice powder aka 五香粉, sesame oil, light soya sauce and pepper.
  4. Use your bare (disinfected) hands to mix everything up. Add water if your mixing feels laboured.
  5. Spoon filling along breadth of dried beancurd skin, leaving 3 cm on both sides. Pat down to reduce air spaces.
  6. Roll filling cautiously. Try not to breathe loudly. Hold your breath if you can.
  7. Dab all ends with beaten egg and seal the glorious ngor hiong!
  8. Repeat steps 1 to 7 until your filling and/or beancurd skins are exhausted. I made 7 rolls yesterday.
  9. Pop all finished rolls into steamer and steam for 15 to 20 minutes. They should look like this:
  10. Leave to cool completely.
  11. You can either deep-fry them now (cut into bite-sized pieces, shake all up in plastic bag containing corn flour) or store them in the freezer for future use.
  12. Serve with sweet sauce aka 甜酱。
  13. Yum!!

Wrong frequency

  1. Made shocking discoveries in the past ten minutes. Friend 1 (22 yrs old) says the only media she consumes is YouTube. Friend 2 (21 yrs old) says FM 98.7 is for kids. She listens to 91.3, 88.3 and class 95. The only newspaper she reads is TNP.
  2. HOW am I supposed to choose which media to use when their tastes are as unpredictable as Britney Spears! (ok, she’s increasingly predictable but, still.) I’m targetting tertiary students!
  3. HELP!!
  4. Tried 91.3 and 93.3 just now and got myself a headache.
  5. Sought solace at 97.2 and got it.
  6. I am quite disturbed by my private preference for 97.2 and absolute intolerance for young, trendy, funky radio stations.
  7. I am barely 21.
  8. Must be osmosis. Blame my parents for tuning in to 97.2 and only 97.2 everyday in the house.


  1. If I had myself videoed on a busy day I might look like this too, minus the car, best friend, and lover: http://www.adbusters.org/media/flash/slow_down_week/
  2. Tom Hodgkinson expounds the evils of Facebook: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008/jan/14/facebook
  3. He says: “Doesn’t it rather disconnect us, since instead of doing something enjoyable such as talking and eating and dancing and drinking with my friends, I am merely sending them little ungrammatical notes and amusing photos in cyberspace, while chained to my desk?”
  4. And “Facebook appeals to a kind of vanity and self-importance in us, too. If I put up a flattering picture of myself with a list of my favourite things, I can construct an artificial representation of who I am in order to get sex or approval.”
  5. Slightly sorry that I’m still using it. Am too exhibitionistic and bored.
  6. Heard of Benrik yet? Found it yesterday when I was supposed to be doing sodding assignment. http://www.benrik.co.uk/content/
  7. “Benrik’s mission is to introduce a welcome element of branded anarchy into our predictable lives. Benrik’s books are thus instruction manuals for warped living.”
  8. And “This Diary Will Change Your Life is a recipe for permanent revolution in people’s imaginations, encouraging them to reinvent themselves every day of their lives. It has spawned a worldwide cult and is now in its fifth year.
  9. They’re the epitome of inanity and promote careless abandon for the world and its stifling rules. LOVE IT.
  10. Activities it encourages its followers to do include “Befriend A Customer Care Person”, “Watch Someone Sleep” or “Discipline Other People’s Children”. A group of lunatics follow these tasks religiously and blog about them here. Horribly distracting. I’ve just added its Facebook application.

生活是 ······


昨天的早报《四方八面》 让我读得津津有味。 一部《投名状》,被吴韦材贬得一文不值, 却被蔡澜大力推荐,不知道该信谁好。其实也不重要,我完全没有看电影的兴致。被功课搞得颓废死了,每一天的唯一期待属10点的《咖啡王子》。 无厘头但我喜欢。

也读到了徐伏钢的《潇洒做个平常人》, 写得好极了,马上把精髓抄到日记里:

everyday-man.jpg要读哦!! 请点击放大。字体很抱歉,先对不起了。

好一个观残月落霞相怜!徐先生有点idling主义哦。Idle 得充实、不颓废, 是我要穷极一生学习的生活艺术。


脚踏实地的过日子虽然一点也不浪漫,可是我已对吊儿郎当到有点醉生梦死的日子感到厌倦。把青春大把大把的耗在只能给我短暂快感的消遣上,是可鄙的浪费, 是极度的不负责任。

我会更努力拉住青春的尾巴的, 不拉断就好。





还是因为你是少数让我感觉被需要的人? 我太眷恋那种被需要的感觉了吗,无论你怎么对我,我都无所谓,甚至还对你千依百顺。我虽然一直对你发牢骚,可是心里还相信你不是那种滥用朋友的人。

也可能,这纯粹是我和你多年来培养出的一种习惯。你习惯闷的时候找我,我习惯在你闷的时候陪你。如果有一天,我们都发现这种习惯其实有问题,或再也不习惯 这种习惯, 我们的关系会有什么样的改变呢?啊,是我想太多了。我也非常清楚地知道,现在跟你分享我的看法,是彻底的对牛弹琴。哈。你完全不会懂吧?