Was listing Eric’s merits to Cheryl, Linda and Mandy with great enthusiasm today.

That’s (only) because I was promoting him to them. Aiya but he so act shy, don’t want to meet us. Don’t so shy la, Eric. Must know more friends ma. 😛

Cheryl is as biantai as Eric. Perfect match!

I’m totally sian diao now as I have one big-ass advertising project to complete in less than a month. And a 1000-word article in 2 days?

I only have myself to blame for sitting on it. I love sitting on things so much, I’m disgusted.

Oh and I’m going out tomorrow again….. lunch with Nicole and her bf and then gathering with 6F people!! Haven’t seen them for so long, quite exciting.

I’m drowning in my own irrationalities. Stop dreaming, start living! Get your head out of them bleddy clouds!!! Felt like a dream. Sigh, the way feelings come and go. I don’t even have time to react. I don’t know…… I thought such things happen only in Teresa Teng’s songs.

The happy lovey dovey songs I put in my playlist just two days ago seem to have lost relevance.

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4 comments on “

  1. chyork说道:

    come on, what merits does eric has!?

    He has 2 hands? He has 2 legs?

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    haha!! poor eric, all his “friends” are turning their backs on him.

    got la, he so aunty, can take care of kids. rich also.

  3. chyork说道:

    he’s darn rich but darn stingy.

  4. Miss Poh说道:

    omg! 一针见血!说得好!!


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