Travel, planned and unplanned

Oh my, Linda just decided to come to my house later so we could set up her blog together. I love impromptu meetings! So cute lor she. Hope she can find my place.

So many guys have asked about my tee shirts, I’m starting to find it feasible to bring in guys’ tees. But will guys shop online? Never heard of any leh.

I’m going to Cameron Highlands for CNY and I’m quite glad. No visiting this year! I’d very much rather spend CNY under my blanket than go sit at a stranger’s house and be surrounded by more strangers. Cameron Highlands! Land of sprawling strawberry farms and tea plantations! What an escape.

And I’ll be in Ho Chi Minh City on my birthday! From 8 to 13 March, to be more accurate. Second time spending my birthday overseas. And Khoi said we cld go to his house! Khoi is my Vietnamese classmate who insists on buying me drinks regardless of whether I want it or not. Quite a cultural shock to me, having been around guys like Eric Tan too much. 😛

Been asked to join KMS people on a trip to Nepal in April…. oh my! It’s always been my dream to visit that region. Hope I can go eventually!

Come December, I’ll be jetting off to Oklahoma City involuntarily to complete my course. I’m not terribly excited as I don’t really fancy the U.S. as a travel destination. Or for anything else, for that matter. This trip will cost me my lifetime savings and I feel quite offended at the thought. This money could be better spent on a three-month backpacking trip round Central Asia or something.

All these trips equate to a bank account haemorrhage, but I try to convince myself that they don’t come by easily and I should seize every chance to see the world while I’m still young. OK, not that young anymore. Bleh. By the way, the trips to Cameron Highlands and HCM City are the result of a father who suffers from more severe wanderlust than me. My father spends half of his waking time scuttling from one travel agency to another.

I often dream of backpacking in Central Asia/ Silk Road with a close companion. I guess I would have to go it alone if I don’t find any in time. 😦 My mum is quite offended by the fact that I don’t wish to get married. That’s my current mindset, at least.

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7 comments on “Travel, planned and unplanned

  1. chyork说道:

    i was at a book store today and was looking through some travel books and i sooo wanted to go silk road too. And definitely tibet!

    hahz, i tink nepal’s nice too.. make sure you go ok, and bring back nice pictures..

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    argh, expensive leh. yes tibet tibet!!

    hope can go lor. 😛

  3. jooo说道:

    Wah don’t remind me o_o

    I’d gladly spend my thousands of dollars on a travel trip to Japan, i’ve always been wanting to visit that place’s beautiful culture )))): But that trip to US will offset my Japan trip by many years i believe. -sighs-

    😡 i’m going to make full use of my trip to OK 😀 See the world while i’m still _considerably_ young. Hahaha. I hope it’ll be a fruitful one! And yes, tibet, i’ve heard so much beautiful things and stories about it, i definitely want to visit tibet in future 😀 They say that when you visit tibet and when you come back, you feel as if your soul’s trapped there cos of its beauty and wonders. hehe.

    Aiyer, i’m looking for part-time jobs also ): flexible and well-paid part time jobs. Not easy to find leh. ):

  4. jooo说道:

    oh and btw,


  5. Miss Poh说道:

    yaa … maybe you can try relief teaching! pays well. i wld be doing that if i cant find a new job… just want to try other jobs cos im bored of teaching. 😛

    ya man i sure wish the trip to OK wont be disappointing….. heard from those who went, they spent USD 7000 plus!!! want to faint man!

  6. jooo说道:



    -ULTIMATE HEARTPAIN- i want to die -_____________-

    relief teaching…. hmmmm really? o: pays well? how are the rates?

  7. Miss Poh说道:

    replying you as i’m chatting with you on MSN! Ha….

    YES USD 7000 PLUS in total….. including daily spending…. make ppl feel like dying.

    that’s why i’m so reluctant to go. but no choice. 😦

    relief teaching pays u $65 a day!


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