Pardon me for blogging everyday

I don’t know why I always have something to say. My mind is good for everything except work.

Quite tempted to create a Facebook group named “I blog in Chinese and am proud of it”

or “Chinese-speaking Singaporeans” or “Young Chinese-speaking Singaporeans” or “Let’s keep in touch with our mother tongue”

The first three sound quite purist. I want to have something inclusive, something that enhances the profile of young Mandarin speakers while not keeping out the ones who still have that bit of interest in them. Eh Cheng Hyork, I didn’t know you had such strong feelings toward “Chinese who suck at the language”! I think some can be forgiven, because they are born in families who don’t speak Chinese. Some go to schools that don’t teach Chinese. Like some Malaysians, for example.

Some of my friends tell me they still speak Mandarin but struggle to read and write Chinese words. Eric, for one, now finds it hard to hold a proper conversation with his Mainland Chinese cello teacher. (while I got mistaken for a Mainland Chinese by her nephew, because I “sounded like one”. Bleh, I was just doing my impersonation of Beijing Chinese for fun)

That’s inevitable if they don’t do that after graduating from mandatory Chinese education in secondary school. Am very heartened that some still wish to keep in touch with the language, like CF! Am no expert, but I offer this tip – Start now or you’ll never start! The bilingual mypaper is an excellent way to start. Btw, I love the layout and colours. If they’re not careful, they’ll oust TODAY from the scene.

Blogging in Chinese is a brilliant way too, because you can type bombastic words without knowing how to write it! Haha. As long as you know the hanyu pinyin, it’ll be very easy.
I think a lot depends on your emotional attachment to the language. For me, I grew up in a Chinese-speaking family so I can’t possibly do without it. I always feel closer to people who can speak Mandarin to me. And that applies to typing Chinese in MSN chats too! Hor, Dicky!

I tend to believe I borrow more Chinese than English books from libraries. As a result, my speed of reading English and Chinese text is about the same. I also write letters, blog and diary entries in Chinese.

The tangible gains of being good in Chinese is much lauded in this era of “the rising China”, but it’s just a convenient benefit to me. I don’t live and breathe the language just so I could maintain my competitive edge; that would be too tiring for an idler like me. I live and breathe it because it’s a part of me. For a brief moment I think I didn’t- after my ‘A’ levels. But it occurred to me one day that it would be a great pity if I left my proficiency in the language- my mother tongue- to waste.

Proudly introducing…. Friends of mine who blog in Chinese (ok, sometimes)! Cheng Hyork, Boon Kian, Eileen, Chin Leng, Pandora! Quite a small handful, but better than none! Looking forward to Fang and Linda to join the league!

Also: Singaporean bloggers blogging in Chinese! 缘来缘去 吴韦材

Who has a better name for the Facebook group? 😉

4 comments on “Pardon me for blogging everyday

  1. jooo说道:

    The closest i get to blogging in Chinese is pasting Chinese lyrics and writing a few sentences. 😀 but i like blogging in Chinese too! Just that i don’t do it as often as i do in English. I also want to join the facebook group! Never intro huh huh huh, so much for donating blood and organs together. Hahaha

    I realised that I am also almost blogging everyday, no school, no work, too free, too much time to think, too much thoughts…

    I’m sad my chinese standard has dropped a lot since Secondary school days ): and i still want to learn 文言文!

  2. jooo说道:

    i also get a kick out of blogging in Japanese cos nobody knows how to read it 😡

  3. Miss Poh说道:

    hahaa! i havent created it!! don’t know what to name it also! dont wanna sound purist….

    and i totally agree that we have too much time to 胡思乱想。

    i have the tendency to reveal more in my chinese posts, simply because people tell me they usually skip them. HA.

    quite sad case, since i think my chinese posts are much better than english ones in terms of quality. 😛

    blog more in chinese!

  4. oceanice说道:

    I just found out that the ‘incoming links’ on my dashboard under ‘blog stats’ links me to this post. and all along i thought it was some random link on the dashboard! PENGZ!!!

    i like your blog. can link u on mine? ^^


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