Cheryl, 生日快乐!

Back from Cheryl’s 21st! I’m really touched by her family’s warmth. Her siblings were going around chatting with her friends la! I can’t imagine my own sister doing that. I feel a great sense of affinity with her sisters Macey and Cerlyn.

Toilet Gang: 4/8 attendance only! I love this photo tremendously.
If only the rest were around.. LINDA!! Miss you terribly la!

We look like absolute calafares standing around him. He looks like a wax figure hor!
This might just be the greatest congregation of 2I people after graduation. Calendar Boy Chyork was so dao to us. 😦 Fang Hao isn’t from 2I though. He’s SO NICE! He came early all the way from Choa Chu Kang to help with the decor! Really impressed. And he isn’t Cheryl’s close friend. 太让人刮目相看了!
Cheryl our princess…. for the day. Heh.
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2 comments on “Cheryl, 生日快乐!

  1. Cheryl说道:

    aww thanks for dedicating this entry !!! ya lor linda shd have been there…. u guys most impt ppl there…!!!!
    TYS looks like model and we all backstage models…
    yahor! what did chenghyork gimme ah???
    fanghao damn nice la!! too nice le… 1) barely knows me 2) live in CCK!

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    cheng hyork shared the voucher with the other 2i guys.. haha!


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