Happy Valentine’s Day, everyvun.

If you’d like to profess your love to someone here’s a cute way to do it:

Went for wsdp at Bras Basah with mum and sis. It’s my second time hearing Sister Sylvia Bay speak and she’s such a good speaker!

Some quotes:

 “Love is a feeling. Period. A feeling that arises in the presence of something.”

“Where there’s a very strong hate, there’s a very strong want.”

“The more you think about yourself, the less time you have for others.”

“Pain is due to two things: unmet expectations and attachment to the good feelings you get when you’re in love.”

Hmm. I should stop letting soppy love songs like 氧气 (如果你爱我 你会来找我 你会知道我 快不能活) jeopardize my sanity.

Looked in the mirror that day and saw that my nose is too big for my own good.


2 comments on “Lurve.

  1. Cheryl说道:

    flowers so pretty.. fruits and veggies looks fresh!! u look like uve had an eye opener trip

  2. Cheryl说道:

    pamela, dont say that about ur nose! haha


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