Waiting for dinner to be ready. Fantastic dinner smells already wafting into my room. Dessert today is durian. I’m a lucky not-so-little girl, despite the fact that I have a backache-inducing 3-hour exam tomorrow. Studied for it feebly.

Be cycling and sea-watching at ECP tomorrow with Che. Need endorphins more than anything. Hope The Kite Runner doesnt end its run too quickly; it’ll be such a shame to watch it on small screen.

Went for a 2-hour workshop titled “Awareness Through Drama” yesterday at Bras Basah. Was fun and quite endorphins-producing. We were made to walk around the room in different ways, and I found myself walking towards spots with the least people. I seldom stayed stationary even though we were allowed to. We were also allowed to copy others’ actions and I found myself choosing only to imitate very nuanced actions of others’ on the sly. I got a chance to do some actions that the group was supposed to follow and I relished every nanosecond of the attention I received, however shortlived it was. I still crave to be a leader more than a follower, I guess.

Quite amazing to see how “events” can happen so naturally. A circle/line/cluster made up of 30 people would fall into place in 5 seconds, as if by magic.

Have signed up for these two sessions next month:

  • 6 Thu

Talk cum Q & A session by Sylvia Bay, Dharma Teacher

As we live day after day and year after year, how do we find meaning in living? As we brave through the up’s and down’s of life, how can Buddhist practices help us find the deeper meaning of our being? Let Sylvia bring you through the Buddha’s rendition of a meaningful life and discover your own beautiful life.

  • 20 Thu
    buddhist backpacker’s series: The HAPPINESS that is Bhutan

Sharing by Elaine Sng, PR practitioner

The isolated and peaceful kingdom of Bhutan, where Vajrayana Buddhism is the state religion, had been shrouded in mystery for many years. Sandwiched between two of the hungriest and fastest growing nations, India & China, Bhutan faces threat of globalisation and modernisation. Intrigued by the fact that life seems to be still simple, despite external influences, and that Gross National Happiness is still valued over Gross Domestic Product, Elaine painstakingly saved up for a trip to the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

I love the Buddhist Backpacker’s Series and I wish they could have it at least once a month! Terribly eye-and-mind-opening.

Wondering if I should go for this one too, since I will most prolly face many a dilemma, working in worse than normal zero-ethics industries in future:

  • 27 Thu
    Applying Buddhism@work: avoid evil, do good, get ahead!

    Sharing by Siew Chee Hoe, Regional Manager & Yap Ching Wi, Buddhist Youth Worker

Chee Hoe will discuss common dilemmas faced when applying Budddhism at work – applying the 5 precepts (moral guiding principles); the importance of reputation and deciding between being active and passive. Chee Hoe will draw on his personal experiences and his expertise as a Trainer to offer insights and practical tips. Ching Wi will reflect on her career development and offering lessons learnt in areas of ethics, faith and courage. Come and decide if theirs are the winning ways to get ahead.




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