As the whole world knows, my parents very much let me do what I want. I neednt tell them my whereabouts and I can come and go any time I wish. No need to ask for permission. No expectations imposed on me. I am as free as a bird. (Of course, being the good girl I am, I take the initiative to report my movements to them)

My freedom index has taken a slight plunge lately, with mummy expressing more than once  that I need to find a boyfriend, fast. The fact that I declared some time ago that I don’t wish to get married has sent both mummy and papa off their rockers. Mummy made a long discourse along the lines of how I wouldnt have someone to take care of me when I’m old. Papa keeps assuring me, in all seriousness, he’ll help take care of the kids in future. THE KIDS! *palms forehead*

It’s peer pressure, I tell you. Mummy has a colleague whose 3 daughters are all attached.  She hears stories about how their boyfriends go to future-mother-in-law’s for dinner and is probably feeling a wistful sense of nonfulfillment from my lack of a boyfriend.

I feel slightly sorry for making them worry (prematurely), since my declaration was made half in jest. Woops.

But they’re overreacting, lor. I’m barely 21! What’s more, getting a boyfriend now won’t guarantee I’ll be taken care of for the rest of my life.

Maybe all I need to do to stem their needless worry is to pay lip service and say “Ok la ok la, I will get married”. And honestly, my mum should stop mixing with bad company.


2 comments on “

  1. Cheryl说道:

    u are how funny? lol! haha
    I also want some parent pressure to get one.
    Actually its funny, u know what they say today?
    When u sneeze, u sneeze so hard and so loud, all the guys hear already run away, how can u find a boyfren like that??
    Then my super zai cousin’s fiancee today go back to Amsterdam in Holland, then they say, later he cannot introduce u to his handsome colleagues.. or something along those lines… then i say “if they are handsome, they wont want me” .. anywase. maybe coz ur now 21, so ur parents are thinking how they were probably engaged at 21… so making u go out get one! i got an idea… join me in school, maybe can find potential… my that cousin, they met in school lor! ahaha, nobody knew if the food meant for others la.. but.. oh well!

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    “if they are handsome, they wont want me” haha!! dont be LAME.

    no, my parents got married at 32! my mum scared i also “left on the shelf”, like how she nearly was… she went through the trepidation of that and it still haunts her.


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