Our first meal at Pho 2000, beside Ben Thanh market. I had chicken pho. (noodles in soup, pronounced feur2) It is a less oily and more savoury version of mee soto and tastes incredible with Thai lime. The locals like to drink very strong coffee with ice.


Buay paisay meh!

– blabber about why we he put off getting xx’s present –

Miss Poh   says:
tsk. how cld u. i tot hes ur gd fren.
[eR|c] says:
maybe cos we’ve come to an age where presents are not impt

– blah blah blah –

[eR|c] says:
i awnt those adidas jacket
[eR|c] says:
can use for lecture
[eR|c] says:
thanks ar

Essay test questions

  1. Compare and contrast the role of reason in relation to the good life as expressed in Plato’s Philebus and Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics.
  2. Compare and contrast the role of pleasure in relation to the good life as expressed in Plato’s Philebus and Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics.
  3. What is the importance of harmony and balance in relation to the good life as expressed in Plato’s Philebus and Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics?

There must be an easier way to kill me, there must be.

I’m feeling such intense feelings of paralysis by analysis I won’t wish to talk after the end of every class. I’d just tune out, or tune in to my Samsung T10, a most chio mp3 player gifted by the DYBians.

I’m also feeling the need/want to lie fallow.


Was on the train with classmate. We had seats, but I offered mine to an elderly uncle. And then this (young, cute, Indian) guy gave up his seat for me! THAT’S REALLY GENTLEMANLY, LOR!

I bet he isn’t Singaporean.

Growing pains

人人都说“忠言逆耳” ,我今天确实从毒舌荣(不是很熟; 出了名的说话不饶人)那儿听来一句我一直不想听,听到觉得刺耳的话: “我觉得你的性格不适合mass comm 这一行。”



Absolutely not reading readings.  That’s awrrite, since I don’t actually understand a thing. (I learnt to say “that’s awrrite” more after coming back from Saigon. Our guide’s always saying it.)
Isn’t this a beauty?

Thanks LGH for your present. I think you’re the most complain-for-the-sake-of-complaining person I’ve ever met in my life. Haha.

And I am SO not holy?! I can’t meditate for longer than 3 seconds.

Was inspired to learn motorcycling after the rather unforgettable ride I had in Saigon. Feels like the closest thing to flying. Mummy has a Vespa fetish (she dreams about them) and she wants me to learn how to ride a motorbike so I can bike her around in a Vespa. Said she’ll pay for it. Haha. People have been talking me out of it cos of the danger.

And I don’t think I can run away from learning driving now. Bleh.

Prospect of job hunting scares me a bit. Guess I need to talk to friends in the field more. Now I realise the importance of cultivating relationships diligently so people don’t feel that aI’m 有事才登三宝殿。:| I never burn my bridges, but I don’t do much to build them either.


I think my inability to write/talk/think/do anything well is going to make me a worthless employee no one will hire. I need a writing coach.

Am in a feeling-creative-but-short-of-ways-to-vent-creativity kind of mood.

21st birthday

Held 14 March at 千禧楼, Tanjong Katong Complex


Muacks to Cheryl and Linda for following the Oriental Chic theme! Eh mine is lor.


厕所帮 (少了美玲同学, 咦, 我的 Brabra 呢?!)


Back from Saigon. Saigon’s a much more romantic-sounding name than HCM city, innit?

Plane ride left me feeling feverish and out of sorts. It’s prolly the worst plane ride I had in my life. Everyone else felt fine. I swear never to take budget airlines unless I’m desperate.

I think train rides, bus rides and motorcycle rides are more romantic than plane rides because we are closer to the ground and more involved in the journey. We get to look out and smell the flowers, feel the wind in our hair. We get to see what’s along the way, and hear the sounds they make. Plane rides are cold and unfriendly. We’re locked in a pressurized cabin for hours and everyone pretends to be comfortable and civilized in that claustrophobia-inducing space. I yearned to moan and whine in sorrow, because I had a splitting headache. I could only suffer in silence, of course, for fear of imposing on others. Others who are just centimeters away. I could smell them.
There is no meaning in a plane ride. Plane rides are for people in a rush. I feel I can’t say I’ve truly traveled, when all I did was experience a change in milieu. The time meant for travel was lost. I spent 2 hours squirming in my seat and wishing to die, willing for the bastard headache to go away. I had an aisle seat, so I couldn’t see whatever was outside unless I craned my neck and shoved my face right in front of the lady sitting beside the window. Wasn’t interested in the clouds outside anyway; the glaring sunlight aggravated my headache.

I hated the plane ride and was glad to touchdown. Headache still lingering now.

Already given 3 presents by family. Don’t think I deserve nice things! I don’t deserve being treated so nicely. I don’t deserve all that good food. I’m a horrible person. This birthday, I am reminded that no amount of lavish gifts can be better than the gift of health. I shall start moving away from my couch potato lifestyle and work to preserve my health.

A big thank you to all who wished me. I’m really happy to have friends like you all.