Absolutely not reading readings.  That’s awrrite, since I don’t actually understand a thing. (I learnt to say “that’s awrrite” more after coming back from Saigon. Our guide’s always saying it.)
Isn’t this a beauty?

Thanks LGH for your present. I think you’re the most complain-for-the-sake-of-complaining person I’ve ever met in my life. Haha.

And I am SO not holy?! I can’t meditate for longer than 3 seconds.

Was inspired to learn motorcycling after the rather unforgettable ride I had in Saigon. Feels like the closest thing to flying. Mummy has a Vespa fetish (she dreams about them) and she wants me to learn how to ride a motorbike so I can bike her around in a Vespa. Said she’ll pay for it. Haha. People have been talking me out of it cos of the danger.

And I don’t think I can run away from learning driving now. Bleh.

Prospect of job hunting scares me a bit. Guess I need to talk to friends in the field more. Now I realise the importance of cultivating relationships diligently so people don’t feel that aI’m 有事才登三宝殿。:| I never burn my bridges, but I don’t do much to build them either.


I think my inability to write/talk/think/do anything well is going to make me a worthless employee no one will hire. I need a writing coach.

Am in a feeling-creative-but-short-of-ways-to-vent-creativity kind of mood.


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