Was on the train with classmate. We had seats, but I offered mine to an elderly uncle. And then this (young, cute, Indian) guy gave up his seat for me! THAT’S REALLY GENTLEMANLY, LOR!

I bet he isn’t Singaporean.

6 comments on “Aww

  1. chyork说道:

    or maybe u r elderly in his eyes.

  2. Miss Poh说道:

    what lar. that guy was just being a perfect gentleman showing tender care and respect to women.. not like *cough cough* most other guys.

  3. sucrebleu说道:

    hahah i think coz pam so skinny, he see her so frail, so give her seat!
    hahaha… also… maybe i pass over my indian karma to u!

  4. Miss Poh说道:

    your commenting style is so guerrilla-like!

    i am not frail hor! haha i hope the indian karma u passed to me only applies to the cute, young, intellectual ones.. 😛

  5. Cheryl说道:

    i give u all my indian karma! i dont need! ahaha. .what u mean guerrilla? so cheem. haiyo! i chinese okay!

  6. Miss Poh说道:

    chinese ar.. guerrilla = 游击队

    明白了吗? 🙂


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